16 Reasons Your Relationship With Your Dog Is The Only One You Need

Because you probably like your dog more than most humans anyway.

1. Your dog respects the hell out of you.

2. Your dog is a great listener.

3. You know your dog would do anything to protect you from danger.

4. Your cooking will always be appreciated and enjoyed.

5. Every time you walk in the door your dog is happy to see you.

6. Your dog is happy being big spoon, little spoon, or whatever this is:

7. It’s impossible to stay mad at each other.

“It’s okay, I forgive you for taking me to the vet.”

8. Your dog may have a few bad habits, but none of them are deal breakers.

9. Besides, your dog accepts all of your bad habits as well.

10. Your dog is protective over you…maybe even a little jealous sometimes.

11. Your dog totally understands your occasional need to binge eat.

12. They will also support you when you decide it’s time to get in shape for summer.

13. Your dog is always down to go out…

14. …but also never minds staying in for a Netflix marathon.

15. Even when you’re rambling on about the most insignificant things, your dog is there to comfort you.

16. Truth is, your dog needs you as much as you need them.

Well, for the most part.

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