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11 Striking Northern Ontario Landscapes That'll Inspire You To Pick Up A Paintbrush

Looking for some visual inspiration or just a beautiful backdrop? Northern Ontario is rich with vibrant natural landscapes. Explore the possibilities.

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2. Devil's Rock, Lake Timiskaming

Andrew McLachlan / Getty Images

The stunning view from Devil's Rock is every artist's dreamscape. The 100-metre-high cliffs overlooking Lake Tamiskaming make for the perfect place to perch during sunset with a paintbrush and canvas.

3. Black Beaver Falls, Agawa Canyon Park

One of three waterfalls in Agawa Canyon Park, Black Beaver Falls is perhaps the most breathtaking. Take a scenic ride to get there with Algoma Central Railway or, for the more adventurous types, make a hiking trip out of it.

4. Bridal Veil Falls, Manitoulin Island

Carl Hanninen / Getty Images

Bridal Veil Falls is a stunning sight located on Manitoulin Island. The falls get their name from the flowing white water, reminiscent of a bride's veil and incredibly photogenic.

6. French River Provincial Park

Mike Grandmaison / Getty Images

French River Provincial Park is a core part of Canadian heritage; Aboriginal people paddled along the river and used it as a meeting place for thousands of years. Today, it's a wonderful site for those seeking outdoor adventure. Visit the Royal Ontario Museum to see prominent Canadian artist Paul Kane's French River Rapids.

10. Agawa Canyon, Algoma Country

Russ Hein / Getty Images

This incredible region inspired many Group of Seven paintings. You can hike to the canyon along a trail or, if you feel like relaxing, take the Agawa Canyon Tour Train. A very scenic ride, especially in the fall!

Feeling inspired yet? Discover the stunning Northern Ontario landscapes that inspired some of the most iconic Canadian art. Don't forget your paintbrush!