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10 Places In Ontario That The Locals Are Too Humble To Brag About

Ontario is pretty epic. But the locals are way too humble to gloat. See for yourself by visiting Ontario this summer.

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1. The rustic and beautiful Algonquin Park:

Canoe trips are a big part of growing up in Canada, and Algonquin Park is the ideal setting for exploring the Ontario wilderness. The park's beautiful lakes and rocky ridges will bring out the nature lover in anyone.

2. The Rideau Canal any time of the year:

You can skate along the canal when it freezes over in the winter and boat around it in the summertime! Canada's capital makes the perfect weekend getaway.

6. The magical community of Ward's Island:

416style (CC BY http://2.0) Flickr: sookie

The community of Ward's Island is one of the most unique in all of Toronto. Take the ferry over for lunch one day at the Island Cafe and for an amazing view of the Toronto skyline.

There are plenty more, but wouldn't want to brag! See for yourself and visit Ontario this summer.