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13 Breathtaking Beaches You Wouldn’t Believe Are In Ontario

Don't forget your sunscreen. The beaches in Ontario are world-class — the best of the best for surf, sand, and sun.

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1. The Grotto, Bruce Peninsula National Park

Ethan Meleg / All Canada Photos

The Grotto is a large cave on the shore of Georgian Bay that the waves eroded over the years, creating the perfect swimming hole. You'll feel like you're in the Caribbean with these crystal blue waters.

3. Sandbanks, Prince Edward County

Mike Grandmaison / Design Pics / First Light

Some of the finest coastal sand dune systems in all of Ontario can be found here! With plenty of water sports, Sandbanks is the perfect summer destination.

4. Grand Bend Beach, Lake Huron


Grand Bend Beach has some 30 miles of sandy beach for visitors to enjoy. But the fun doesn't stop when the sun goes down! The nightlife is bumping, with tons of great restaurant and clubs.

9. Lion’s Head Beach, Bruce Peninsula

Ken Gillespie/ All Canada Photos

This serene port was named for its resemblance to a lion's head when viewed from Georgian Bay. Take in the surreal sunsets over the turquoise blue waters.

10. Sugar Beach, Toronto

Arpad Benedek / Getty Images

The adorable pink umbrellas at Sugar Beach make for the perfect photo op. This beach is ideal for city dwellers who want to enjoy the sunshine while taking in the amazing Toronto skyline.

13. Long Point, Lake Erie

Oleksiy Maksymenko/ All Canada Photos

This stunning sandy peninsula on Lake Erie spans about 40 kilometres and has some of the most incredible sand dunes and sand spit formations in the Great Lakes. It was designated a World Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 1986.