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16 Things That Happen When You Stare At A Screen For Too Long

RIP your poor, poor eyes.

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1. Your eyes begin to itch.

Universal Pictures / Via

Screaming helps. Sometimes.

2. Headaches. / Via

Eyestrain can definitely give you a nasty headache.

3. You may experience tunnel vision. / Via

Unfortunately, it's not as fun or invigorating as this.

4. You forget to blink.

Bet you blinked right now, didn't you?

5. You begin to notice just how filthy your screen is. / Via

Wipe it down, lazy!

6. The screen stares back at you.

Warner Bros. / Via

(Wait for it.)

7. Time seems to stop.

Columbia Pictures / Via

Which can be a good thing, but also a terribly bad thing.

8. Palms are sweaty.

NBC Universal / Via


9. Knees weak.

Buena Vista Pictures / Via


10. Arms are heavy.

Disney–ABC Domestic Television / Via

OK, now the joke is apparent.

11. Mom's spaghetti.

12. You lose your train of thought.

Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution / Via

Wait, what?

13. You start seeing those little floating black dots.

Probably Interdimensional beings trying to make first contact.

14. When the screen saver activates and you catch a glimpse of yourself in the screen. / Via

This is who you really are.

15. At a certain point, you feel as though you can see into the future... / Via

The future is scary.

16. ...and you begin to realize you'll never be able to log off.

"I'll never log off!!!"

Screen-induced eyestrain is a real thing that affects everyone. So quit messing around and go get your eyes checked by an optometrist. It's easy, totally painless, and your eyes will be glad you did.