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For The First Time In Forever

A girl's first experience using tampons.

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Some of us are late bloomers and when that blood-filled bloom came for my friend, disaster struck. Here is the story, in her own words. At the end of every year, a girl in my grade threw a pool party. Only the coolest of the cool kids went.

By the grace of some heavenly being, my freshman and sophomore years I was "that time of the month" free so I had no problem making an appearance.

When it came for my Junior year party, I had a lovely surprise.

Thank you, Mother Nature, this couldn't have waited a few days?

Apparently not.

Apparently not.

As I had not yet ventured into the land of tampons, thus remaining in the pool-incompatible land of blood-soaked pads, my only option was remaining home.

Totally crushed, I had to explain to my mother that it wasn't just a choice of not swimming. Because, let's be real, THIS is inevitable at all pool parties.

Mother dearest, bless her heart, had other plans for me: it was time to try a tampon.

It happened so fast. I was dragged into the bathroom equipped with a box full of my enemies. My mother locked the door, informing me that I couldn't come out until I was successful.

Call it tough love or perhaps child abuse but before you decide, there is one important fact to note: they were CARDBOARD tampons.

And, lest we forget, this was my first time EVER using one of these monstrosities.

Five failed attempts( and ample material for adult counseling) later, I managed to waddle out of the bathroom.

The only words that could escape my mouth were

Satisfied that she had completed her motherly duty in setting me on the path to womanhood, my mother sent me to the party. Off I went

Surprisingly enough, I enjoyed the fun and games until I realized that this THING was going to have to come OUT

And I was not pleased

Following such a "successful" endeavor, I swore off this supposed improvement in my lady days

About a year later, I was visited by Mother Nature, but this time I was unprepared. I was without my usual "equipment" that I had been completely satisfied with ever since the incident.

I had to ask a friend if she could give me anything to help. She handed me a tampon. This time, however, it was different. In my hand was a shiny, yellow, gift from God.

I discovered the glory of "Easy glide" it was:

Not to mention, it was terribly effective

I just couldn't believe that this had been an option all along

I was forever changed by this new discovery. I felt like a WOMAN

It was official: Women everywhere, I was part of your world!

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