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The 10 Types Of Guys You Find On Every Dating Website

There are hundreds of different dating sites these days. But on the real... at the end of the day, you're going to find the same types of dudes. Get a better look at the different species of guys out there on the series premiere of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male Sunday, March 9 @ 10/9c on Bravo!

1. The guy who doesn't know how to take things slowly.

2. The guy who thinks he's too good for a dating site even though he's definitely on a dating site.

3. The living proof that chivalry is dead.

4. The politically incorrect tall guy.

5. The guys who think they can pull a fast one on you.

6. The anti-commitmentphobe.

7. The guy who "frankly" has no tact.

8. The guy who's here to make your dreams come true.

9. The hopeless romantic(s).

10. And the guys who want you to notice them "for their personality"...

You might be saying to yourself, "I'm definitely NOT one of these guys!"

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