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The Definitive Guide To Online Dating Terminology

A person's dating profile says a lot about them, but only if you can decipher the code. No one is going to admit to being a gold digger... but they might hint that they "enjoy the finer things." Master the online dating jargon with the series premiere of Online Dating Rituals of the American Male Sunday, March 9 @ 10/9c on Bravo!

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Code: "Outgoing"

What it actually means: When someone describes him or herself as "outgoing," it means one of two things — 1) They're extremely talkative and opinionated, in an often off-putting way, or 2) They get drunk, like really drunk.

Code: "Great Personality"

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What it actually means: Oftentimes, "great personality" actually means that the person has a pleasant demeanor, but it's also sometimes code for not excelling in the looks department.

Code: "Average height" / Via

What it actually means: When a guy says he's of average height, it means he's one to two inches shorter than average height. When a girl says she's of average height, it means she's one to two inches taller than average height.

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