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The 3 Types Of Guys In Washington, DC (Part 2)

As any self respecting DC girls knows, the men in America's capitol fall into one of three categories: The Trust Fund Baby(TFB), The Self Made Tycoon(SMT), and The Just Getting By Guy(JGBG). In this article, I will explain (with first-hand experience) how TFB’s operate.

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As you know, TFB’s have the ability and means to give you everything and anything you want, but there’s a catch (there’s always a catch). TFB’s are more cautious than you might think when they meet a woman who is overly impressed with material things. Interestingly, however, some men don’t care if a woman is only after him for the money. But a good man, worth dating, will never fall truly in love with a woman that is easily bought.

It is important to know that, as TFB’s get older, they become better skilled at distinguishing between women who are easily bought and women who can see beyond the bonuses and Jimmy Choo’s.

However, if a man knowingly pursues a woman that is easily bought, then he is only pursuing her because he thinks “if I ever make her upset I can just buy her something and she’ll forget about it” and “potentially I could get away with a lot if I keep getting her gifts, which I can use to distract her.”

Basically, his way of giving love is through buying his lady outrageous gifts, to make up for his faults; which ultimately means that he is incapable of giving a woman the emotional and physical companionship that a healthy relationship requires. If you are dating a man who demonstrates his affection solely through gifts (or when you are in a fight, he buys you a gift as a way to be forgiven), then the guy you are dating only views you as a “good-time-girl.”

Fortunately, men who are born into money can adopt two very different personalities.

The first kind (the good TFB), wants a woman who loves him for who he is and not for what he can give her. The second (the bad TFB), is a man that wants a woman who is easily distracted by his money (as mentioned before), so he can have his cake and eat it too.

The former type will give his lady nice gifts but he won’t spoil her to the point where she starts expecting presents all the time. This type of man will set a limit on the number of surprises he gives his lady. As a result, his lady won’t become ungrateful or take the gifts for granted. The later type will spoil his lady like none other so she can never get mad at him (otherwise she’ll feel guilty if she doesn’t forgive him right away). Type 2 TFB's are in demand on lesser known dating sites like Millionaire Dating and However, bigger sites like Match have their fair share. They are almost unheard of on Plenty of Fish!

The benefit of this type of relationship, however, is that you will know immediately when your guy has simply lost interest in you, because he will start skimping on the quality and frequency of gifts.

Now that you are aware of the two types of TFB’s, it is your job to decide whether you want to date the former or the later type. Ask yourself “What type of woman do I want to be?” Do you want to be a woman who is patient and appreciates the small things in life, beyond the perks of having a bounty of liquid resources?

Or do you want to be the kind of woman who will accept a mans’ constant slip-ups, as long as you get something out of it in return?

Either way, you have the knowledge and the ability to control the fate of your relationships. If you are a girl who is just looking to date a “good time guy,” then go enjoy yourself, but try not to get too attached. However, if you’re looking for a guy who is marriage material, then do your homework and choose wisely.

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