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    7 Ways To Lay Down The Truth On Foreign Development Assistance

    Who better to lay down the truth than the beloved memes.

    1. Batman is sick of Robin, and everyone else, thinking we spend too much on development assistance.

    2. Success kid stands with millions of babies.

    3. This kid knows cutting foreign assistance is srsly not smart.

    4. The most interesting man in the world isn’t actually interested in helping the people who need it the most.

    5. That time creepy Wonka wasn’t actually being creepy, and deserved an answer.

    6. Enough with the grumpy cats.

    7. Really? You’re going to be that person?

    ONE Campaign volunteers – students, community leaders, business professionals, and faith leaders from across the country – will deliver these memes in a view-master (yes, the toy) to Congressional offices and meet with leaders to discuss the importance of development assistance.

    Join the ONE Campaign in its fight against global extreme poverty and preventable disease.