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18 Perfect Gifts For People Who Love Books And Tea

What's more relaxing than a good book a cup of tea?

1. Pride and Prejudice Bubble Bath

TeaSoapBooks / Via

This bubble bath & shower gel with a white tea ginger scent. Buy it on Etsy.

2. Books and Tea Pin

IceyDesigns / Via

This cute little pin of a stack of books and teacup. Buy it on Etsy.

3. Alice in Wonderland Art Print

PrintsWithStyle / Via

It's always time for tea with the Mad Hatter. Get it here.

4. Jane Eyre Loose Leaf Tea

First Edition Tea Co. / Via

A tin of Jane Eyre-inspired currant & spice black tea. Available on Etsy.

5. Sherlock Holmes Tea

Rosie Lea Tea / Via

A collection of tea inspired by Sherlock Holmes. Available here.

6. Literary Quote Teas

Bag Ladies Tea / Via

This tea collection with literary quotes printed on the tea bags. Get it here.

7. A Grim Teacup

Dragon Hatchery Arts / Via

This Harry Potter teacup lets you know you have the Grim. Buy it on Etsy.

8. Harry Potter Tea Bag Holder

Lenny Mud / Via

Accio Tea! Get it on Etsy.

9. Books and Tea Tote Bag

FableandBlack / Via

Tell the world to drink more tea and read more books. Available here.

10. Literary Tea Pot

Cardew Design / Via

A literary tea pot with a stack of books for a lid. Available here.

11. Books and Tea Phone Case

WhatKatieDoes / Via

Featuring the C.S. Lewis Quote, "You could never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me." Buy it on Society6.

12. Don QuixoTEA

NovelTea Tins / Via

Spicy black chai tea inspired by Don Quixote. Get it here.

13. Alice in Wonderland Tea Cup

LeftOfRose / Via

"Drink me!" - your tea. Get it on Etsy.

14. Books and Tea Spoon

StampedFrosting / Via

A cute spoon reminding you to never underestimate the power of books and tea. Buy it on Etsy.

15. Frankenstein Tea Pot

Lenny Mud / Via

Also featuring the bride of Frankenstein. Buy it on Etsy here.

16. Book Tea Infuser

Running Press / Via

A book-shaped tea infuser. Get it at Barnes & Noble.

17. Books and Tea Pillow

Evie Seo / Via

Life mission: Drink good tea. Read good books. Available on Society6.

18. And finally...

TeaPigs / Via

A book about tea. Get it here.

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