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6 Beauty Products Made From Animals

Vegans, You Might Want to Put That Mascara Down.

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Who Knew That Crushed Beetles Were a Part of Your Morning Routine? The Bugs are Used to Make Lipstick and Eyeshadows Bright.

If You Are Taking a Shower, Then Chances Are You Are Lathering Your Hair Up With Shark Juice. It Is Also Used in Body Wash. Yikes.

PETA Suggests That the Fat of Roadkill Is Found in Certain Body Lotions. Brings a Whole New Meaning to the Term ‘Fat of the Land!'

Out for a Hot Date Tonight? You Will Probably Use Some Bug Juice, Which Is Found in Nail Polishes and Mascara.


That Expensive Moisturizer You Put on Your Face Every Night? Yeah, That’s Made With Rooster Comb (That Red Thing on Top of the Rooster’s Head).

Last but Not Least, the Brains of Pigs and Cows Are Mushed Up and Used in Lotions. Wondering Why We Need It? It Gives Our Skin That Glow We All Love.