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    16 Cats And Dogs That Want No Part Of Your Nativity Scene

    On the first day of Christmas my owner gave to me... a stinking break.

    1. This baby, Jesus.

    2. This giant.

    3. 4 out of these 5 wise guys.

    4. This scrooge.

    Michael C. / Via Flickr: michael_speedracer

    5. This "Virgin."

    6. This cat encountering the Ghost of Christmas Past.

    the_struyfs / Via Flickr: the_struyfs

    7. These guys. Especially the sheep.

    8. This guy who's not going to be in the Christmas spirit when he wakes up.

    9. Can't really tell how these guys feel tbh.

    10. The cat who'd rather be a part of a whole other scene.

    Ulli J. / Via Flickr: ullij

    11. The one that forgot his costume.

    12. This wreck.

    13. The one on the left.

    14. The one that doesn't give a lick about your nativity scene.

    15. This crew that's not horsing around.

    16. This Grinch who's out to ruin Christmas one nom at a time.

    Veri's kleiner Winkel / Via Flickr: 11919764@N06