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    An Ode To Ja Rule And Ashanti, The Greatest Musical Duo Of All Time

    The Bonnie and Clyde of the new millenium... Sorry, Bey and Jay.

    The music world has been blessed with some impressive musical duos.

    Some truly influential tonal teams.

    But none as majestic as Ja Rule and Ashanti.

    They're a modern-day Danny and Sandy, and they're hopelessly devoted to making sweet R&B magic.

    Ashanti even made Ja Rule and Jennifer Lopez's "I'm Real (Remix)" better by gifting them with her smooth backup vocals.


    This carpool jam was No. 1 on the Billboard Hot 100 for five consecutive weeks! THANKS, ASHANTI!!

    Ja Rule wanted to sit next to his good-luck charm in JLo's "Ain't It Funny" video because BFFs do that kind of stuff and because ASHANTI WROTE THE SONG.


    Look at how Ashanti made everyone laugh with one of her many funny anecdotes!

    Ashanti was so good in Ja Rule and Fat Joe's "What's Luv?" that no one even cared that Fat Joe dressed up as a bottle of mustard in the video!

    2002 marked Ja Rule and Ashanti's first official collaboration, "Always on Time."

    Also known as the BEST SONG EVER.

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    Which spent two weeks at No. 1 and earned the duo a Grammy nomination.

    Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Inc

    Here they are being all like, "You're not in this duo... That would make it a trio."

    Ashanti's first three songs, "Foolish," "Always on Time," and "What's Luv" were all on the U.S. Top 10 at the same time.

    Making her the second artist EVER to do that.

    Who were the first, you ask?

    That's right. It went... The Beatles... and then Ashanti (with the help of Ja Rule).

    Their second collaboration, "Down 4 U," is the most underrated love song of all time.

    It's so good, Whitney Houston begged for a cameo.

    Cheers, Whitney, we miss you!

    Now let's talk about "Mesmerize."

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    Starring Nerdy Ja Rule and Smokey Dominatrix Ashanti.


    This video solidified their place in the comedic world.

    The video that finally answered the question, "Is Ja Rule tall enough to ride this ride?"


    Answer: Barely.

    And had Ashanti riding a ferris wheel alone because Ja Rule was too afraid to.


    And gave us the best two faces Ashanti has ever made.


    Even America's Sweetheart R. Kelly wanted to collaborate with Hip Hop's Dynamic Duo.

    Then there was a really dark time where Ja Rule and Ashanti were in a fight.


    Via http://google

    Or maybe it was because Ja Rule turned orange and got arrested.

    New York State Department of Correctional Services

    But really it was because Ashanti was fighting with Murder Inc. founder Irv Gotti.

    Kevin Winter / Getty Images

    And everyone knows it was his fault because Ashanti is a delicate flower incapable of doing wrong.

    But we can all stop crying because in 2012 they reconciled!

    Brad Barket / Getty Images

    Here's to you, Ja Rule and Ashanti! The greatest musical duo of all time!

    Gustavo Caballero / Getty Images