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A Balloon Artist Is Making All 151 Original Pokémon Out Of Balloons

Gotta Twist 'Em All!

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Sam Inëz Czymbor is a filmmaker and balloon enthusiast who's challenged herself to recreate all 151 original Pokémon out of balloons!

As if this wasn't challenging enough, the artist has limited herself to using 10 balloons or less per piece.

Her most recently posted piece was of Golduck, meaning she's created 55 Pokémon balloon animals thus far.

Only 96 more to go... check out Sam Inëz's Instagram and Tumblr to keep up with her progress and see more of her incredible work!

Like #10: Caterpie

#19: Rattata

#32: Nidoran

#35: Clefairy

#51: Dugtrio

#53: Persian

Good luck to Mew, Sam Inëz!

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