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27 Signs You Were Raised By Immigrant Parents

Not reading this post is a dishonor to your family.

1. Your lunch was never a PB&J.

2. You had the most difficult name on the attendance sheet.

3. While everyone vacationed in the Bahamas, you vacationed in the homeland.

4. You mastered the art of interpreting your parents.

5. Your pronunciation of certain words was (and might still be) a little off.

6. Your after-school activities definitely stood out on your résumé.

7. Your parents let you fill out your own school documents because it was just faster that way.

8. You could get endless help with your math and science homework.

But help with your English homework was limited to a...

9. Anyone in your culture who made an "impact" in America was a household staple.

10. You were always chosen to play one of these three princesses.

11. Heritage theme days were a little less extravagant for you than for your peers.

12. You grew up with unconventional home remedies.

13. Your house wasn't very popular on Halloween.

14. Your friends came over for dinner expecting this...

But actually got served this.

15. Every fight started and ended the same way.

16. You and your parents communicated in your own hybrid language.

17. You didn't learn the same nursery rhymes as your classmates.

18. You grew up reading these books.

Instead of these books.

19. Your weekends were spent at Hebrew/Chinese/whatever school.

20. You had a Quinceañera instead of a Sweet 16.

21. Your parents were dishonored when you tried to Americanize your name.

22. You were jealous of the neighbor's Christmas decorations.

23. So you found creative ways to deal with it.

24. You got to miss school for religious holidays!

25. Assimilation meant DOUBLE PRESENTS!!

26. Your response to "OMG say something in ______!" is...

27. You were raised in the most loving environment and you wouldn't change a thing.