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15 Fitting Fergie Fill-Ins For The Black Eyed Peas

With Fergie's impending hiatus from The Black Eyed Peas here are 15 songstresses who could TEMPORARILY fill her spot between and what's.his.face and the other whats.his.face!

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It's been public knowledge for a while now that Fergie is taking a few years off to concentrate on another solo effort and to make some baby-fergs.

But recently there've been whispers that the Black Eyed Peas are holding secret auditions for a temporary replacement front woman...

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So we thought we'd help the boys with a few suggestions while "The Dutchess" exists stage right.

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1. Nicole Scherzinger

With two girl groups under her belt, Pussycat Dolls and Eden's Crush (Don't think we forgot...), it's time for Nicole to play with the boys. It's no secret that Nicole doesn't play nice with other girls... so with none of the BEP guys trying to out-sing her, this seems like a perfect match.


2. Cheryl Cole

Another member of a girl-group, Cheryl is also a huge solo artist in the U.K. She's made several attempts to break into the U.S. market (most notably the fiasco that was the first seasons of U.S. X Factor) but remains unsuccessful. A frequent collaborator (and rumored lover) of, this match could be Cole's big U.S. break.

3. Jessie J


Ok so Jessie doesn't have too much to gain by joining the boys. Her star is pretty huge and it's only getting bigger. But other than that, HOW COOL WOULD THIS BE?! Jessie is a vocal powerhouse and would revive that original soulfulness The Black Eyed Peas have lost in recent years. Plus Jessie and are co-judges on The Voice U.K.

4. Lana Del Rey


Okay, before you rush to say no... Lana (more than anyone on the scene right now) could use a change of pace. Admittedly she has a cool love-to-hate thing going but as she keeps pushing out more and more of this same sulking sultress stuff, it's losing its cool. Also, her vocals THRIVE alongside hip-hop. Do you need convincing?

Exhibits A-Z.


5. Nelly Furtado

Nelly's style evolves on a regular basis. In 2006 she transitioned flawlessly from folky-songstress to urban pop chick with help from Timbaland. Recently she's tried to adjust that style to fit the more dance and beat driven sound we hear on the radio. With her new sound not really taking off, Nelly could gain a lot by joining The Black Eyed Peas whose most recent album was mindless dance gold.

6. Christina Aguilera

Christina is very clearly a solo artist and in that one of the most famous singers of our generation. But... girlfriend could use a little help lately. Her last two albums were flops when you compare it to what she's accomplished in the past. Considering that her biggest hit recently was "Moves Like Jagger" with Maroon 5, why not spend the next couple of years with another group of guys? Plus, that voice can complement pretty much anything.

7. Kelly Rowland

Kelly's solo career is fun, but there is no arguing that things were better when she was a part of a group. By joining The Black Eyed Peas she could have the best of both worlds! Kelly can shine as the solo female while being in the environment that's her bread and butter.

8. Robyn

Ok, this could totally work. The Black Eyed Peas' sound becomes less hip-hop and more dance/electro with each passing minute. Who better to push them over the threshold than the princess of electro-pop, Robyn? And, think of the amazing costumes!!


9. Janelle Monae

Janelle Monae is by far one of the coolest cats in today's music industry. Her 2011 Grammy performance with Bruno Mars and B.o.B proved that she can hang with the boys while retaining a feminine edge. If she joined The Black Eyed Peas she could probably convince them to all wear tuxedos all the time. Not that they could pull it off like she can...

10. Cher Lloyd

If you break it down, Cher is actually a Mini-Fergie. They can both sing, they can both rap, and they're both tiny bad-ass chicks with style and swag for days. Additionally, helped Cheryl Cole choose Cher Lloyd for her team on U.K. X Factor.

11. Lily Allen

Few additions to The Black Eyed Peas would be more random than Lily Allen (or I guess it's Lily Cooper now). But Lily hasn't released new music in a while and can you think of a more interesting comeback than this indie/hip-hop/electro fusion dream team? Also, remember when T-Pain sampled Lily Allen in his song 5 O'Clock?! That was like the only good T-Pain song ever. Feel free to remind yourself below.


12. JoJo

Do you guys remember JoJo? Remember how she grew up and got hot? Remember how she has a killer voice? Remember how she's been putting out some pretty good music recently? Remember how all she needs to be big again is to generate some major buzz? Wow you have a good memory!

13. Mya

Mya! WHERE YOU BEEN GIRL?! No seriously, where have you been? Regardless, we know where you SHOULD be. The Black Eyed Peas could be Mya's gateway back into the music scene. We miss those sassy moves and that sweet voice. And remember when Mya collaborated with Blackstreet on "Take Me There?" One word: Magic.

14. Sia

Sia is musical Sriracha, meaning she goes with everything. She can make Flo-rida's songs bearable and make David Guetta's beats sound interesting; Who's to say what magic she'd be able to work with the boys of BEP?!

15. Lauryn Hill

Coming at you straight from NeverEverEverLand this union is as farfetched as Lauryn Hill showing up to a concert on time. But maybe, if for the next year at every 11:11 we all collectively wished for this, then it would be the best case scenario. Hill as an addition to The Black Eyed Peas would almost ensure a return to the days of "Where is the Love?" rather than the Boom Boom Crap they've been shoveling at us recently. Also, how much do you miss Lauryn HIll?!