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    10 Great Songs By The Baha Men

    The Baha Men wrote this post... inadvertently.

    You remember the Baha Men.

    They sing that one song you LOVED in 2000.

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    The song that's kept everyone on the edge of their seats for over a decade!

    Well those big teases have a greatest hits album. An album that THEY titled "10 Great Songs."

    Essentially writing the Buzzfeed post...

    The first track on the album is obviously Who Let The Dogs Out.

    And the eighth song on the album is obviously a cover of an Elton John classic.

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    Oh I'm sorry. Was that not obvious?

    Now I'm sure you're asking yourself... "Does Steve Irwin make a cameo?"

    10. Great. Songs.


    I'll leave you alone to process that information.

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