Top Ten Reasons To Be A Mets Fan

I for one cannot imagine anyone not loving the Mets. But just in case there is some lost soul out there who hasn’t found the way, here are ten reason to be a Met fan.

10. Top Notch Skills

An amazing leg catch.

9. Nice Uniforms

The hat ties it together.

8. Queens

The beautiful view from Citfield.

7. Keith Hernandez’ Moustache

It is rumored that Keith’s fur coat is made of his past moustaches.

6. Sometimes Bag People Show Up To Games

Never look them in the eyes.

5. Heddo

Heddo from ‘Rookie of the Year’ is the greatest hitter in franchise history. He is also not real.

4. Mr. Met

Trying to hide the fact that he is Mr. Met.

3. Cocaine

This team’s done a lot.

2. Comradery

It’s all about teamwork.

1. A Rich History of Success

How we do.

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