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24 Reasons The World Simply NEEDS More Harry Potter Books

Books lead to movies and movies lead to... more theme parks? This decade is severely lacking in magic so far.

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1. Because nearly 500 million copies of the original books have been sold.

2. 500 MILLION.

Accio entire series!

Accio entire series!

3. Because not everyone can afford The Wizarding World of Harry Potter.

4. And the people who can need something to read in line.

Why don't they just apparate in?

Why don't they just apparate in?

5. Because what are we supposed to do with these costumes?

6. Or our free reading time?


We no can haz more HP?! NOOOO!

8. Because today's 11 year olds aren't even disappointed on their birthdays anymore.

11 year olds and puggles.

11 year olds and puggles.

9. And references like "50 points to your house!" are starting to lose their meaning.

10. Also see: "Expelliarmus!"

11. Also see: "You're a wizard, Harry."

12. Because real life isn't nearly as exciting as what these kids were up to.

More fun than my typical Friday night...

13. Because the newest Twilight movie was in 2012 and maybe just one more HP movie to show who's in charge.

May Cedric rest in peace.

May Cedric rest in peace.

14. Because where do we learn life lessons now?

What does that mean?

15. Because this.

16. And this.

17. Because he's not the only one.

18. Because this person's tattoo.

I do trust him!

I do trust him!

19. Because Quidditch is almost as popular as breathing.

20. And because Harry Potter would want more books.


21. Because this girl probably won't take no for an answer, JK Rowling.

22. Because Harry never left us in the first place.

23. Because we've mastered all the known HP spells.

24. Because we're the Harry Potter generation, and we NEED MORE!

Our only crime is we CARE TOO MUCH about Harry!

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