The 45 Most Annoying Things About High School

Life gets better, but not until you’ve endured four years of torture. Every high school had different rules to ruin your life with, so please, feel free to vent your frustration here.

1. Books that aren’t on SparkNotes.

2. Kids coughing and sniffing up a storm during a test.

3. Teachers who are way too excited about their job.

IT’S 7 a.m. You’re treating pre-calc like it’s a Sharknado sequel. Cool it.

4. In-school suspension.

If only you’d been a little more bad and gotten a three-day, out-of-school vacation suspension instead.

5. For kids in Advanced Placement classes: Prepping for the AP test.

6. For kids not in Advanced Placement classes: hearing the aforementioned kids whine about their AP tests.

8. Being the seventh person in your friend group to the six-person lunch table.

9. For boys: Asking girls to dances.

10. For girls: Waiting for that one boy to ask you to the dance…

11. …and feeling like you have to say yes to that other nice (but sort of weird) boy who asked you first.

12. Group projects.

13. When people ask you for gum.


14. But, like, at the same time… when people won’t give you one fucking piece of gum.

15. Winter fire drills.

You’ve gotta be prepared for any emergency.

16. When people say, “See you next year!” before every winter break. FUNNY!

17. Kids who complain about “bad” grades.

B+? Yeah, you really failed.

18. Kids who actually tried in gym.

20. When it’s your birthday and everyone insists on singing to you.

21. Not as bad as when it’s your birthday and nobody remembers.

22. Missing a fight in the hallway.

23. Substitutes who attempt to actually teach.

24. The lunch options.

25. Being harassed for votes in class elections.

26. Getting all sweaty and disgusting in gym class…

27. …and having four minutes to shower and dress and make yourself presentable to the world.

28. Cliques.

Remember Recess? Whoa.

29. Future serial killers who LOVE the biology dissections.

30. But also, kids who, like, faint over the biology dissections.

Haven’t you ever watched CSI or something?

31. Memorizing the unit circle.

32. When you get called on for that one question you have literally no idea how to begin answering.

33. Watching foreign language movies without subtitles.

34. Bullies who peak in adolescence.

35. When kids eat super crunchy food in class.


36. Silent study halls.

37. When kids ask you what your grade was on a test.

38. That one kid who, like, really just got the symbolism in Moby-Dick.

Side note: Will Smith really hasn’t changed between these two GIFs, huh?

39. Riding the bus.


41. When you remember a test the period before you have it.

42. And then the teacher gives it back all like:

43. Everyone saying “ooooo!” when your name gets called over the announcements.

44. Try-hard teacher’s pets.

45. Second semester, senior year.

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