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    47 GIFs For Any Trolling Scenario

    There's such a fine line between friendly sarcasm and legit cyber bullying. If you find yourself in need of some sassy trolling material, use these GIFs wisely.

    1. We all know someone who vents a little too much on the internet.

    2. Like, some problems are better kept private.

    3. There is such a thing as too much information.

    4. Important life updates? Good. Bathroom updates? Bad.

    5. Some people air personal information to brag.

    6. Oh, you made the dean's list? I FEEL LIKE ENOUGH OF A FAILURE WITHOUT KNOWING THAT.

    7. Greattt, great - you just got engaged. And I'm just rewatching Lost on Netflix.

    8. I'm so happy for you!

    9. I'm not a sad, bitter, alone person. Not frustrated with life at all.

    10. Sometimes, you can be a supportive troll.

    11. Example: Your friend just got dumped by her boyfriend and she is a wreck.

    12. And then, for the ex-boyfriend:

    13. Maybe another, for emphasis:

    14. Playing the judgmental, righteous friend can be a riot, too.

    15. Say your friends upload an album of pics from their night at the club.

    16. And they are SCANDALOUS.

    17. Further down your newsfeed, you see someone ranting about politics.

    18. Because Facebook is where we want to be bombarded with issues like abortion, gun control, etc.

    19. And people can be so sensitive online! Take a joke, sillies!

    20. The political correctness and oversensitivity can definitely get overwhelming.

    21. Every once and awhile, directness is the best route.

    22. Make your feelings known.

    23. It's the internet. Everyone is drowning in feels, anyway.

    24. You need to be like:

    25. And they'll be like:

    26. And then you're like:

    27. But they're insistent:

    28. So eventually you just get plain mean:

    29. It's easy to let your emotions get out of control.

    30. Like, really out of control.

    31. Do you ever see someone hashtag something a million times in a row?

    32. What about a cute couple that never stops posting about their feelings for each other?

    33. Are you drowning in Candy Crush requests, too?

    34. Excuse me... It's, well, it's *you're, not your.

    35. You see, *they're is what you meant to say, not their, because you meant "they are."

    36. Do you have a friend who uploads too many selfies?

    37. I think we've all seen someone start to drunk tweet as the night progresses.

    38. And it's only a matter of time before drunk tweeting turns into sad tweeting.

    39. People like to ask rhetorical questions. Why, Facebook, WHY? WHY DID THIS HAPPEN TO ME?

    40. It's not like any of us wants to spread GIF induced hate around social networks.

    41. But sometimes this is really the case.

    42. I'm guilty of at least half these things, no doubt.

    43. And so are you.

    44. So while we're trolling our friends, enemies, and frenemies, let's make sure it's in jest.

    45. And if people don't like you after a little joking around:

    46. Hit 'em with a classic:

    47. Or, you know, you could always take the high road and not care.