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27 Gifs Showing Why Pam Is My Favorite True Blood Character

She should really be yours, too. These pretty much speak for themselves.

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1. First of all, she's gorgeous.

2. Super gorgeous.

3. And it's clear that she knows it.

4. She's got more than just looks, though. She's got a past.

5. And one HELL of a temper.

6. More temper.

7. Just some rocket-launching-blow-up-everything temper.

8. When she really needs to, though, she can defuse a tense situation.

9. And she's not one to lose her poise over just anything.

10. Pam really won't stand for any nonsense.

11. And don't mistake her fabulous wardrobe as a sign of weakness.

12. Seriously. Don't.

13. Sometimes, she sort of gives people compliments. Kinda.

14. She always keeps it real.


16. She says awesome things like this.

17. And this too.

18. And this, which for some reason might be her best line.

19. Were you wondering how she feels about annoying people?

20. Don't worry, she doesn't discriminate, either.

21. She's so perfect it's ridiculous.

22. Pam isn't without a soft side.

23. Hell, she seems to be all about spending time with friends.

24. Oh... oh ok no, sarcasm there. Sorry Pam.

25. I'm even obsessed with her eyebrow.

26. One last demonstration of her bad-ass-ness.

27. And Pam is out.

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