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    16 Twitter Behaviors That Warrant An Immediate Unfollow

    We're all guilty of at least a few of these. Hell, sometimes I wish I could unfollow myself.

    1. Excessive retweeting of horoscope accounts.

    2. Also, excessive retweeting of celebrity parody accounts.

    3. Tweeting 100 times in a row. About nothing.

    4. Correcting everyone's grammar.

    5. On the other hand, using terrible grammar might be just as bad.

    6. Airing all sorts of personal information.

    7. Or needy-tweeting to get someone's attention.

    8. Tweeting this exact phrase:

    9. Or anything that starts with "Retweet if..."

    10. Or anything including the words "follow back."

    11. Whining about first world problems without even hashtagging #firstworldproblems.

    12. Celebrity fangirling.

    13. Bragging about how inebriated you are.

    14. #HashtaggingEntireSentences.

    15. Texting via twitter mentions.

    16. Tweeting, retweeting, or quoting overly general life truths.