16 Adorable Bunnies Who Are Keeping It Real On Marriage Equality

The sagest of the small mammals.

1. Don’t get them wrong; the bunnies are thrilled about the DOMA and Prop. 8 rulings.

Hops of joy!

2. A rabbit mom just named this little newborn “Scotus,” actually.

3. And they’re all super excited for the residents of states that do allow gay marriage.

Lettuce = excitement.

4. Because everyone can get married there! A toast to marriage equality!

Oh, bunnies. Silly you!

5. And the federal government is all like, “Benefits!” And the bunnies are all like, “This is great!”

It is great!

6. But this bunny lives in Pennsylvania.

7. And she lives in Wisconsin.

8. They live in Texas, Nebraska, and Oregon, respectively.

9. And Pablo and Frank, here? They live in North Carolina.

They’re in lurrrrrrrve!

10. The bunnies want you to know that there are still more than three dozen states that don’t have marriage equality.

11. There, they no can haz weddings.

12. There, they still no can haz equality.

This doesn’t sit well with the bunnies.

13. This bunny and his unlikely dog pal are thrilled for the states that are making progress…

14. …but melancholy for those that are still awaiting change.

Anne Hathaway is a long-time marriage equality (and bunny..?) advocate. Just saying.

15. These bunnies want to celebrate the recent successes for equality.

16. While reminding and encouraging America to keep moving in the right direction.

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