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Jordyn Woods Made Her First Comment About The Tristan Thompson Cheating Drama

With Kylie slashing the price of the Jordyn Woods Lip Kit and Khloé removing her from the Good American website altogether, things are getting messier by the minute.

14 Stories About Bilinguals Catching People Gossiping About Them That'll Make You Feel Secondhand Embarrassment

"I really enjoyed their embarrassment and was sure to flash them the bitchiest smile I could muster."

18 Moments In "America's Next Top Model" That Were Seriously Not Okay

It really wasn't "America's Next Top Best Friend".

9 Truly Horrific And Bizarre Historical Facts

We used to eat corpses as medicine.

21 Wild AF Things Actual People Have Believed About Sex

"I thought the penis just stayed inside the vagina. No thrusting or anything. I thought thrusting was just for the kinky."

18 Mindblowing Tumblr Posts That'll Make You Say "Oh Shit, Yeah"

"I just realised the voice in my head when I read things isn't my own voice omg whose is it."

14 Common Things That Were Shockingly Different 100 Years Ago

Why did vibrators look like egg whisks? And why did people go swimming in smocks?

Pick The Ring You Think Costs The Most

How much for the bling?

17 Pictures Of Vegetables That Will Test Your Faith In A God

"Pssst, wanna see a freakishly fingerlike carrot?"

18 Mind-Boggling Observations That Will Make You Say "Huh?!"


18 Wikipedia Pages That'll Make You Say "Fuck, That's Interesting"

Wikipedia: serving up creepy mysteries, scary science experiments gone wrong, and downright weird shit since 2001. H/T

21 Facts About 2017 That'll Make You Feel Old

From Harry Potter to Kylie Jenner.

This Is What A Dinosaur's Tail Feathers Look Like

Dinosaurs have feathers now. It's just how it is, there's no point complaining.

19 German Junk Foods The Rest Of The World Urgently Needs

An overwhelming variety of sausages

23 Heartbreaking Doodles That'll Make You Laugh, Cry, Or Probably Both

Warning: The following drawings may leave you needing a bit of a hug.

This Is What The Mountain's Face From "Game Of Thrones" Actually Looks Like Under That Helmet Btw

Actor Hafþór J Björnsson finally shared an up-close image and it will make you go "ew".

People Are Making Sushi Food Hybrids And It Is Bonkers

Sushi burgers were just the beginning.

Here's One Thing You Probably Didn't Spot In The "Game Of Thrones" Finale

Only read this if you have finished Season 6, obviously.

This Note From The "Game Of Thrones" Premiere May Reveal Jaime's True Intentions

"Fuck everyone who isn't us." Spoilers if you haven't seen the season premiere.

The Cast Of "Bend It Like Beckham" Then And Now

It's been fourteen years since one of the most iconic British movies came out.

18 Creepily Fascinating True Crime Books You Really Need To Read

The only thing more captivating than crime fiction is crime non-fiction.

This Incredible "Making A Murderer" Theory Is Too Good To Be True

Was a prolific serial killer responsible for the death of Teresa Halbach? One retired cold case detective thinks so.

Here's What The Cast Of "High School Musical" Looks Like Now

Yep, it's been a whole 10 years since ~the start of something new~.

13 Magnificent Roles To Remember Alan Rickman's Career By

Rickman, who has died aged 69, was one of the most versatile and talented actors ever to come out of Britain.

These Portraits Celebrate The Joy Of Having Freckles

Photographer Brock Elbank has sought out “incredible-looking humans” for his photo project #Freckles.

12 Documentaries You Should Definitely Watch If You Liked "Making A Murderer"

Disclaimer: Dean Strang and Jerry Buting aren't in any of them.

17 Houses That Cost A Million Pounds In The UK

Just in case you've got a million quid going spare anywhere.

If You’re Dressing Your Child Up This Halloween You Need To Watch This Powerful Interview

"I would like parents to – just on Halloween, just to think about what they're going to put their kids in, because I didn't, and it cost us." – Claudia Winkleman

George R.R. Martin Confirms Stannis Baratheon Is Not Dead

In the books. And maybe the TV show. SPOILERS, maybe.

Arya Stark And Harry Potter Have Been Hanging Out Together

Along with Gilly from Game of Thrones and Clara Oswald from Doctor Who. RIP us.

19 Versions Of Pizza From Around The World

Home is where stuffed crust is.

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