omegalevel Psychologists Agree!, “It’s like you guys were raised in a commune filled with scientists and video game developers and you guys lived in houses made out of stacks of comic books and empty bottles once filled with liquid caffeine.”
  • ‘Borderlands 2′ Footage Captured Via Crotch Cam. Coincidentally Swells Mine.

    Up until this point my tits have only been titillated by written descriptions of Borderlands 2. Not anymore. Thanks to an intrepid attendee of Gamescom, and their groin, we have some footage. It’s so delicious. We see some new environments, and the disposable-gun-as-grenade technique which is so flashy-bling-bling I can’t stand it. (That’s a good thing.) Hit the jump for the video.

  • ‘Art From A Galaxy Far Far Away’ Is Star Wars Gallery Bliss.

    Randy Martinez and Denise Vasquez are two artists combining for one sexy Star Wars art gallery in the City of Angeles. While it’s far too away for me to go see myself, the images themselves crank up the nostalgia bomb. It’s great knowing that no matter what Fat Daddy Lucas does unto his trilogy, the sentiment flew out of his hands and into the hearts of artists and creators a long, long time ago. So while he churns out feces now, people inspired by the Skywalker and his Crew can pay homage through art of their own. Hit the jump for a look at their artwork, and gallery details. View Image ›

  • REVIEW : Mass Effect 2 DLC ‘Arrival’ Is Overpriced Quasi-Transition.

    I’m a big honking fucking slut for Mass Effect, its entire franchise, and whatever sort of refuse BioWare will peddle out with its name stamped on it. Admittedly. Since Mass Effect 2 came out, I’ve bought all the DLC, happily wasting my hard earned Imperial credits on throwaway content that should have been a quest on the disc. A quest on the disc that I would have pounded through and sort of bemoaned it. Then Lair of the Shadow Broker dropped, and I was all, “Oh shit! A legit dope quest!” A quest so good that I deemed it better than a good 75% of the material that launched with the title. It set the bar. It set the bar high.

  • BioWare Caught Reviewing Dragon Age 2. Well, That’s One Way To High Scores.

    Despite its flaws, I like me some Dragon Age 2. It’s repetitive, there’s like four locations, and fetch quests rule the day. Wait, I think that may all fall under repetitive. Shit. Shitfuck. When even Dragon Age 2 apologists like myself have some serious complaints, a company must do something. Developer Chris Hoban has done just that, taking to Metacritic to review the game. With a 10/10.

  • Netflix Gets Deal To Distribute Fincher/Spacey TV Series.

    …I’m not even sure if it is a television show though, is it? How do you classify this shit? Netflix has spent a cool $100 million to create and distribute David Fincher and Kevin Spacey’s House of Cards. David Fincher will be the executive producer, while Spacey is set to be the lead. The two’s project is based “on a British series and novel of the same name, the show will be a political thriller about a conservative politician with his eye on a high ranking office.” And while the original was set was in England, the Fincher/Spacey collaboration will be taking place in the good ole United States of America. Hit the jump for more details.

  • Super Mario Bros: The Indie Movie Is Star Level.

    Apparently at SXSW and other film festivals they have a bunch of “bumper” films. Minifilms that precede the screenings. Didn’t know that. Now I do. One of them showing at SXSW is “Mario” by Joe Nicolosi. Nicolosi works in a shitload of outstanding references in the framework of a trailer for an indie film version of Mario. Go ahead and watch it, you’re going to love it. You dirty little slut. Hit the jump for the video.

  • Prof. Uses Kinect To Aid In $4 Mil. Research Into Mental Disorders.

    Goddamn, Kinect is fucking everywhere. I love how it’s been co-opted by countless people with unique ideas that have nothing to do with kicking an invisible volleyball. I change my mind, Kinect doesn’t suck. It’s actually fucking awesome. Latest example? It’s been used to cut down the cost of research into childhood mental disorders.

  • David Jaffe Disses Media For Wanking Off Artsy Games. Yes.

    David Jaffe shoots from the hip, and that hip looks a lot like my heart. Last year, I was a bit confused as to why so many people were wanking off, splooging over, and generally orgasming on the face of the XBLA title Limbo. Frankly, I thought it was a piece of boring minimalist bullshit. Disagree? Well, good for you. Maybe you can still appreciate the hot fire that Jaffe is spitting regarding the media and their love for shitty artsy-fartsy games.

  • Batman: Arkham City is Officially Dropping On October 18. What the Fuck, Eidos! You Had to Release Arkham City Right Before the Teeth of the Gaming Season. Son of a Bitch. It Would Have Been So Much Nicer to Drop This Dime in the Middle of the Summer. I C

    Batman: Arkham City is officially dropping on October 18. What the fuck, Eidos! You had to release Arkham City right before the teeth of the gaming season. Son of a bitch. It would have been so much nicer to drop this dime in the middle of the summer. I could have kicked back, not worried about the deluge of games coming, and slowly manipulated my controller to the sight of Selina Kyle all done up in her latex and the such. Would have been astounding. Hit the jump for some new images of this beast.

  • FRESH, Check Out The New ‘Super 8′ Poster.

    Yeah son, yeah! Did you check out the Super 8 trailer? Did it make you feel like you were staring at Ronald Reagan on television as President, and worshipping at the feet of Hulk Hogan before he was a bloated orange hot dog ready to burst? Then hit the jump and check out the poster for it that has dropped. View Image ›

  • Gary Oldman Talks About ‘The Dark Knight Rises’, Mentions The Villain.

    I fucking warned all six of you regular readers here at OL. I’m going to be riding the jock of The Dark Knight Rises with a fevered nature that’s going to induce both moans of pleasure and screams at the horrible chaffing. While doing promotional work for Red Riding Hood or whatever, Gary Oldman’s begun to spit about TDKR. He’s mentioned that – gasp – it’s fucking dope, and hints at the villain.

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