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    Hot New Vine Trend: Rubbing Food On Your Face

    This might be the most bizarre trend ever. Ever. Ever, ever. It's #retomaquillateconalgodetucocina and it'll probably have you smearing food all over your face sooner than you think.

    Its origins were hard to trace. But silviarm1 seemed to be the oldest recorded video. Revolutionary? Probable. Visionary? Undoubtedly.

    No. NO! GreciaGAE, you look so normal. Why? Whyyyyyyyy?????? Help me understand!!!

    #retomaquillateconalgodetucocina translates to "food makeup" which answered some questions but still left me with the burning question - why? Or more appropiately... ¿porque?

    Like, why???? Why why why why why. This isn't creepy at all. This won't give me nightmares forever.

    Dude. DUDE. That looks like Nutella. WHY ARE YOU WASTING FAUX-NUTELLA ON YOUR FACE? ARE YOU CRAZY? Sadly, I had answered my own question.

    REPEAT OFFENDER. No excuses. At least it's not Nutella. But dude Nutella's crazy smooth delicious cousin, Jello?! You fucking maniac.


    I just dont.... I don't even....

    But then Henry made me realize something... Smearing poop colored food on your face while listening to Pink Floyd IS cool.

    And I knew there was only one thing left to do...