29 Times "Bar Rescue" Totally Ruined Bars For You

    When "SHUT IT DOWN" isn't a good thing.

    Meet Jon Taffer of Bar Rescue. He doesn't embrace excuses.

    So when Jon Taffer says these magical words:

    1. When Jon Taffer showed everyone a not-so-cool bar trick:

    Ah, just a cockroach drowned in a bottle of liquor.

    But they weren't only in the bottles:

    2. When a bar was cool with having a raccoon as a mascot:

    Even when it used the bar as a restroom:

    3. When Chef Brian Duffy found this goop all over a kitchen:


    4. When a bar had fungus in its walk-in refrigerator:

    5. When you realized what was in the bar that boasted a "natural spring."




    6. When a bar kept its beer bottles in this layer of slime:

    7. When a bar used this thing to melt the cheese on burgers:

    8. When a bar became a resort for fruit flies.

    9. When a bar used a trash can as a holder for cooking utensils:

    10. When a cook was cross contaminating everything in the kitchen:

    Which made Jon Taffer throw nachos across the kitchen in anger:

    11. When a cook used THIS to store dirty dishes.

    And Jon Taffer asked the question we were all thinking:

    12. When a bar used a piña colada mix that looked like sludge:

    And didn't put lids on bottles that were baking in the outdoor bar:

    13. When you realized those weren't chocolate chips:

    14. When a bartender poured half a jar of olive juice into a martini:

    15. When a bar refused to tell its customers what was in their "Ogasm" shots:

    16. When a bar owner used a cutting board to count cash:

    17. When a bar hosted some young and unusual patrons:

    18. When a bar left their burners in this state:

    19. When a bar found a graveyard behind its freezer:

    It's GOTTA be insulation. Wait. Nope.

    20. When a bar had furniture that was a bit too "weathered":

    21. And Jon Taffer pulled out the black light:

    To reveal this:

    22. When a cook forgot to check a trap he had set:

    23. When some bartenders straightened their hair in the kitchen:

    24. When you couldn't figure out if that was a hairball or a greaseball:

    25. When a bar had a moldy coaster in its cooler:

    26. When you saw this thing:

    27. When a bar served Maria Menounos bugs with her drink:

    And she reacted like this:

    28. When a bar didn't realize nacho cheese doesn't age well.

    "This expired over a year ago!"

    29. When a bar cooked a frozen pizza on the cardboard it was packaged in:

    In the words of Jon Taffer: