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    The Cast Of “Friday” Then And Now


    1. Chris Tucker (Smokey)

    Fun fact: Tucker, who has returned to stand-up comedy after the success of the Rush Hour franchise, beat out Chris Rock and In Living Color star Tommy Davidson for the role of Smokey.

    2. Ice Cube (Craig)

    Fun fact: Earlier this year, Ice Cube said he wants to "bring everybody back" – including Chris Tucker – to do a fourth Friday movie. However, Cube says he doesn't know when it'll happen because the movie is "caught up in development hell."

    3. Regina King (Dana Jones)

    Fun fact: Where haven't you seen or heard Regina King? She has appeared in The Big Bang Theory, Southland, 24, The Boondocks, and most recently The Strain. The talented actor also has an eye on a directing career: King directed an episode of Southland and is set to direct an episode of Scandal.

    4. Nia Long (Debbie)

    Fun fact: After an eight-episode stint as Tamara on the comedy-drama House of Lies, Long currently plays Billie Page in the legal drama The Divide.

    5. Tommy "Tiny" Lister (Deebo)

    Fun fact: Lister, who had a brief career as a WWE wrestler before appearing in Friday, has stayed plenty busy. His most notable recent appearance was in The Dark Knight, where he played a convict with a strong moral compass.

    6. DJ Pooh (Red)

    Fun fact: DJ Pooh (real name: Mark Jordan) co-wrote Friday with friend Ice Cube and went on to write the sequels Next Friday and Friday After Next. He has now moved into directing and is working on a film called The Grow House with comedians Lil Duval and DeRay Davis.

    7. Paula Jai Parker (Joi)

    Fun fact: Parker, who played Lexus in 2005's Hustle & Flow, says she and her husband battled homelessness when her acting career stalled. She's since picked up the pieces: Parker recently appeared on True Blood and now stars in the reality TV series Hollywood Divas.

    8. John Witherspoon (Mr. Jones)

    Fun fact: Witherspoon, who many remember as "Pops" on The Wayans Brothers, currently plays Lloyd in the Adult Swim series Black Jesus.

    9. Anna Maria Horsford (Mrs. Jones)

    Fun fact: Horsford has stayed plenty busy over the years, appearing in shows like Grey's Anatomy, Entourage, Everybody Hates Chris, and scoring recurring roles in the shows The Shield and Reed Between The Lines. She most recently appeared in Tyler Perry's A Madea Christmas.

    10. Faizon Love (Big Worm)

    Fun fact: After playing Big Worm in Friday, the Cuban-born Love went on to star in The Parent 'Hood and appear in the movies Elf, The Replacements, and Couples Retreat. Love was also the voice of Sean "Sweet" Johnson in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas.

    11. Kathleen Bradley (Mrs. Parker)

    Fun fact: Bradley was the first permanent member of "Barker's Beauties" on the game show The Price is Right. The 63-year-old recently released her memoirs, titled Backstage at The Price Is Right: Memoirs of a Barker Beauty.

    12. Tony Cox (Mr. Parker)

    Fun fact: Cox, who played an Ewok in Star Wars: Return of the Jedi, went on to appear in Bad Santa, where he played his most memorable role: a professional thief disguised as a helper dwarf for Santa Claus.

    13. Meagan Good (Girl #2)

    Fun fact: Yep, that's a young Meagan Good as one of the kids who gets shoved by Smokey on his way to Big Worm's ice cream truck. Good has gone on to appear in the movies Stomp the Yard, Brick, Think Like a Man, and Anchorman 2: The Legend Continues.

    14. Angela Means Kaaya (Felisha)

    Fun fact: Yes, it's actually spelled FELISHA. Angela Means Kaaya says she's pleased with the fact that a role she played nearly 20 years ago is part of current pop culture. Means Kaaya, who is now a photographer, told the Los Angeles Daily News: "I feel blessed. It came back around right when Brad goes off to school. A character I played is a big part of pop culture." Who's Brad? Oh, just her son Brad Kaaya, the star quarterback at the University of Miami.