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    21 Struggles Only Bass Players Understand

    If I hear "SLAPPA-DEE-BASS" one more time...

    1. Lugging around your amp and cab can be a pain in the ass.

    Bass players... #smh #truth #bassplayerproblems #bassplayers

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    Bass players... #smh #truth #bassplayerproblems #bassplayers

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    2. Building calluses on your fingers is a necessary evil.

    3. You constantly get asked, "Do you play bass because it’s easier?"

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    4. You've gotten into heated debates with other bassists about playing with picks vs. playing with fingers.

    5. Bass strings are way more expensive than guitar strings.

    6. Someone will inevitably ask you to do "that Seinfeld bass thingy."

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    Btw, that "Seinfeld bass thingy" was played on a keyboard.

    7. You're stereotyped as super laid-back and – GASP – boring.

    "Look at me! This is me GOING FUCKING BANANAS."

    8. But when you break a string, EVERYONE notices.

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    And you get to learn a new way to play that song!

    9. You've endured years of terrible bass (fish) jokes.

    10. Whenever you tell someone you play bass, they respond “Oh, so you SLAP DEE BASS?"

    11. Everyone in your band thinks this is funny. Except you.

    12. If you lose your only bass pick, good luck finding another one laying around.

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    So you've got to make sure to always carry a few with you at all times.

    13. People will ask you, "Why don’t you want to play guitar?"

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    Do you not understand that most bands require a bass player?

    14. You can’t just plug in a bass at a get together and start singing a few songs for people.

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    There goes the guitar player, getting all the attention AGAIN.

    15. You've been asked this over and over: "Are there any famous bass players other than Flea?"

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    Oh, just Paul McCartney, Sting, Roger Waters, Sid Vicious, Geddy Lee...

    16. You know about Jaco Pastorius. And you wish nothing but good luck to those who wish to emulate him.

    17. Someone will ask you to play them a "well-known" bass line but they don’t recognize the bass line when you play it.

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    Just play "Seven Nation Army." That one's always a crowd pleaser.

    18. "Why do you and the drummer always look at each other? Is it an inside joke?"

    19. You try to point out a cool bass line to a non-musician and they have no idea what you're talking about.


    20. After you've played your set, your friends tell you, "You guys were great, but I couldn't really hear you."

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    Maybe you couldn't hear the bass, but you definitely FELT it.

    21. There are times you secretly wish you were playing the drums.

    Look at that bastard having so much fun destroying those drums while I play it cool.

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