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21 Struggles Only Bass Players Understand

If I hear "SLAPPA-DEE-BASS" one more time...

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1. Lugging around your amp and cab can be a pain in the ass.

Bass players... #smh #truth #bassplayerproblems #bassplayers

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Bass players... #smh #truth #bassplayerproblems #bassplayers

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2. Building calluses on your fingers is a necessary evil.

And you'll have to re-form them if you haven’t played in a while.


5. Bass strings are way more expensive than guitar strings.

Sure, you'll change them out less frequently, but 20 bucks is 20 bucks.

6. Someone will inevitably ask you to do "that Seinfeld bass thingy."

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Btw, that "Seinfeld bass thingy" was played on a keyboard.


11. Everyone in your band thinks this is funny. Except you.


16. You know about Jaco Pastorius. And you wish nothing but good luck to those who wish to emulate him.