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The 22 Most Important TV News Stories Of Our Time

Journalism at its finest.

1. The story that reminded us there are differences between felines and canines:

2. The story about the peculiar way a man lost his life:

3. The story that made viewers hang on every word of a 911 call:

4. The story that warned viewers about the dangers of heavy precipitation:

5. The story that reminded us to look over our shoulders at night:

6. The story in which they covered the alarming lack of fun at funerals:

7. The story that exposed the dangers lurking on the streets of America:

8. The story that pointed out that not everyone is who they say they are:

9. The story that made us aware that our enemies may be those closest to us:

10. The story with a killer quote that punctuated a chilling incident:

11. The story that recounted the painful details of a national tragedy:

12. The story that demonstrated how split people were about Scotland's independence:

13. The breaking story about the hottest *new* dance craze in America:

14. The story that showed us that not all coffee drinkers are the same:

15. The story that introduced viewers to cool new music:

16. The story that presented viewers with a new superhero they could count on:

17. The story that reminded us that the holidays are the best time of the year:

18. The story that cautioned viewers about the dangers of the other white meat:

19. The story that filled viewers in on an important detail about Lance Armstrong:

20. The story that recounted the struggles of everyday Americans:

21. The story that identified a dangerous suspect to watch out for:

22. The story that reminded viewers that fire can also fall victim to tragedy: