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13 Milestones In Dave Grohl Gum-Chewing History

I have come here to chew bubblegum and kick ass.

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This is Dave Grohl. He's known for three things: being the frontman of Foo Fighters, playing drums in Nirvana...

... and for being an expert at SQUEEZING EVERY OUNCE OF FLAVOR from a stick of gum. Let's re-live some of the greatest moments in Dave Grohl gum-chewing history.
Frederick M. Brown / Getty

... and for being an expert at SQUEEZING EVERY OUNCE OF FLAVOR from a stick of gum. Let's re-live some of the greatest moments in Dave Grohl gum-chewing history.

1. 2002: Interview on "The Monday Dump"

In this classic moment, Dave shows why his gum-chewing prowess remains unmatched: he adjusts his body into optimal chewing position, charms viewers with a smile, and effortlessly slides his gum to the side of his mouth so he can answer the next question. Can you even walk and chew gum at the same time?

2. 2000: Interview on The Late Late Show with Craig Kilborn

Despite his prodigious talent, Dave knows that gum chewing efficiency is key. Here, he does the under-appreciated "chew-gum-and-pretend-Craig-Kilborn-is-funny" head nod.

3. 1993: Backstage interview at MTV VMAs

Not to be outdone by Kurt Cobain's impressive cookie juke, Dave shows he can come through against the stiffest of competition. Observe the tongue stretch + smile + machine gun chomp combo.

4. 1999: Interview on Later... With Jools Holland

BBC / Via

Sometimes the moment calls for a few flashy chomps. Other times, a slow build is required for viewers to appreciate your skills. Here, Dave increases the intensity of his chewing to match the camera's zoom. Casual gum-chewing fans would probably miss it, but fanatics will stand up and applaud.

5. 1993: MTV VMAs

MTV / Via

While most artists would be too nervous to muster up some chews while accepting an MTV VMA, Dave displayed his greatness on the biggest stage. He didn't say anything during the acceptance speech because he didn't need to say a thing: his graceful gum-chewing was an acceptance speech in itself.

6. 2002: Interview on Later... with Jools Holland

BBC / Via

The greats are as confident as they are humble. Here, Dave shows off his exquisite chewing technique but reels it in just time before he completely outshines host Jools Holland.

7. 1999: Interview on Late Night With Conan O'Brien

In this intimate interview with Conan, Dave reveals that he dabbled in other pastimes before his ascent to gum-chewing demi-god status.

8. Late '90s: MTV Interview Segment

Some legends are unwilling to share their knowledge with promising youngsters, but Dave is cut from a different cloth. Here, he gives a young Taylor Hawkins a chance to study greatness face-to-face. Unfortunately, Hawkins did not follow in Dave's footsteps.

9. Late '90s: Interview on Channel V

They say that doing the little things – the stuff that doesn't go into the box score – are what separates the great ones from the good ones. Clearly exhausted after playing several songs, Dave could have phoned it in and given the crowd a few pity chews. But no, that's not how Dave Grohl rolls.

10. 2001: Interview on Dennis Miller Live

In this interview about music-sharing and Napster (!), Dave shows that even the most controversial of topics will never interrupt his chewing.

11. Late '90s: MTV Interview Segment

Champions continue to work even when the lights are off and the crowd has gone home. Even when he's backstage, Dave shows that his gum grind never stops.

12. 2001: Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony

During Queen's induction into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame, Grohl makes a compelling case to be inducted into the Gum Chewing Hall of Fame with this epic marathon mastication.

13. 2010: Revolver Golden Gods Awards Interview

Here we see a veteran Grohl, chewing his gum like a man who has little left to prove. His status as a gum-chewing legend already cemented, Grohl sits back and watches mustache monolith Lemmy Kilmister of Motorhead do his thing.

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