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    23 Faces Everyone With Mexican Parents Will Immediately Recognize

    "¿Ya saludaste?"

    1. When you want to get food from a restaurant and your mom says "Tenemos comida en la casa!"

    2. When you remember your mom said "Apagame los frijoles" two hours ago:

    3. Your mom’s face when you don’t reply to her with “Mande.”

    4. When your mom is roasting a chile:

    5. Your mom's face when you use a fork or knife to flip a tortilla on the comal.

    6. When your mom suddenly makes you start cleaning "porque va llegar visita."

    7. When your parents put you on blast at a party and ask “¿Ya saludaste?

    8. When your mom randomly hooks it up with some queso fresco and avocado in a tortilla:

    9. Your mom's face when you try to talk to her during a novela:

    10. When you twist your ankle...

    ... And your dad wants to take you to a sobador.

    11. When you get home super late and your mom is waiting by the door:

    12. When you run out of tortillas and your mom isn't in the kitchen anymore:

    13. When you're at the border driving back into the U.S. and your parents make you "act normal."

    14. When one of your parents fixes some pepino with sal, chile y limón.

    15. Your mom when you tell her you want to move out of the house.

    16. When you're out sick from school and your mom still wants you to help clean the house:

    17. When you go to a wedding or quince and you stay so long that you have to clean up:

    18. Your dad when he's drunk at a party and Tragos de Amargo Licor starts playing:

    19. When you’re trying to sleep in on the weekend and your mom blasts music while she cleans:

    20. When your mom passes you the phone so you can say hi to your tía in Mexico:

    21. When you're trying to eat healthy around the holidays and you know your mom will feed you tamales for two weeks straight:

    But then you have one bite and you're like:

    22. When you're over 18 and you still have to ask for permission to go out:

    23. When you hurt yourself as a kid and your mom said "Ves, para que se te quite."