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    25 Experiences You've Had While Visiting Family In Mexico

    If your family is from a pueblo (small town), you're definitely Mex-perienced.

    1. You learn that the restroom is probably outside.

    HBO / Via

    You just arrived and you've been holding it in for hours. Guess what? You're gonna have to go outside to take care of biz.

    2. And this may be the only way to flush.

    Hey, it works, so what's the big deal?

    3. So you feel like this at the thought of having to pee at night:

    Nickelodeon Animation Studios / Via

    4. But you discover that there's one of these under your bed.

    Yep, the trusty old bacinica. And if you use it at night, the next morning it's already clean! Is it magic? Nope. Your grandmother woke up at 4 a.m. and cleaned it for you.

    5. The food is super organic. Like, straight-from-the-back-yard-organic.

    This might be how you get your milk.

    6. And this is how you might get your eggs.

    Brown eggs. For free. You know how much those go for at Whole Foods?

    7. But sometimes, it means walking in on your abuelita killing a chicken.

    8. And If you're missing anything, the mercado is your one-stop-shop for whatever you need.

    Goyo Gil / Creative Commons

    Veggies, spices, chisme.

    9. You become dinner for mosquitos. So you become very familiar with these:

    10. But your legs still end up looking like this:

    11. You think your Spanish is the shit.

    12. But you open your mouth and realize:

    20th Century Fox / Via

    13. The tortillas are better.

    Madpai / Creative Commons

    You know, fresh.

    14. And drinks come in these:

    Because they're recycling the bottles, that's why.

    15. You will forever be known as “La Hija de or El Hijo de [insert parent name]”

    But you're cool with it, because you love your parents. They brought you to visit this land of fresh tortillas and cheap brown eggs.

    16. The kiosko (or centro, or plaza) is the place to hang out.

    17. Especially during the annual fiestas, which turns the town into a month-long party:

    18. So you listen to a little music:

    19. Watch some fireworks.

    20. Go to the jaripeo (rodeo).

    21. Then it's back to the kiosko.

    mickou / Creative Commons

    Where single ladies and guys walk around exchange roses with someone they want to know a little better.

    22. Sometimes, people find a little love.

    23. Other times, it can end in heartbreak:

    24. But it doesn't matter because you're having the time of your life.

    25. When you finally go home, the only thing that's on your mind is...

    ABC Studios / Via

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