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27 Cristiano Ronaldo Reactions For Everyday Situations

Ro knows.

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1. When your friend asks you to repeat yourself because they were texting.

Ian MacNicol / Getty

2. When your friend says something to your S.O. that you didn't want them to know.

Angel Martinez / Getty

3. When your teacher keeps teaching after class is supposed to be over.

Jose Jordan / Getty

4. When your parent is on the phone with a relative and asks you to say hi.

Miguel Riopa / Getty

5. When you realize you left your phone by your friends and it's unlocked.

Angel Martinez / Getty

6. When someone you stopped talking to in high school spots you at the store.

Miguel Riopa / Getty

7. When you realize your friend is taking a photo of you for Snapchat.

Jose Jordan / Getty

8. When your friend wants you to listen to their Spotify playlist.

Clive Brunskill / Getty

9. When you're trying really hard to not tell your friend "I told you so."

David Ramos / Getty

10. When you're watching TV while you're high and you realize the TV isn't on.

Julian Finney / Getty

11. When someone tells you that your DeNiro impression is shit.

Nicholas Kamm / Getty

12. When you're in a bar bathroom and you tell yourself you're not drunk.

Mike Hewitt / Getty

13. When you're dancing with someone and you can't wait for the song to be over.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty

14. When your parents want to drop you off right in front of school.

Denis Doyle / Getty

15. When you remember you've got half a burrito in your fridge.

Getty Images Sport

16. When you're driving and your friend asks if they can change the music.

David Ramos / Getty

17. When no one wants to switch shifts with you at work.

Gent Shkullaku / Getty

18. When you drop your phone and there's no way to catch it.

Stu Forster / Getty

19. When your friends are Instagramming themselves hanging out and you weren't invited.

David Ramos / Getty

20. How you really feel inside when your friends are playfully teasing you.

Laurence Griffiths / Getty

21. When those edibles finally hit you.

Martin Rose / Getty

22. When you get cropped out of a friend's photo.

Shaun Botterill / Getty

23. Your first five minutes at the gym after a six-month break.

Miguel Riopa / Getty

24. When you check Twitter and Facebook before watching a show you DVR'd.

Dani Pozo / Getty

25. When you're done with a workout and feel like a million bucks.

Gonzalo Arroyo Moreno / Getty

26. When you hear your ex broke up with their S.O.

Patricia De Melo Moreira / Getty

27. When your friends back you up in an argument:

Martin Rose / Getty

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