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8 Greatest Olympic Blunders

In light of the recent snafu in the men's 10,000 meters speed skating event, here's a list of eight of the greatest gaffes in Olympic history.

eixo 9 years ago

The 2010 Women's Figure Skating Drinking Game

Tonight's the big night!!! Are you ready to get wasted?!?!

Matt Stopera 9 years ago

Gold Medal Power Couple Alert

It turns out Evan Lysacek is dating 2008 Gymnastics All-Around Gold Medalist Nastia Liukin.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

Was Johnny Weir Robbed?

Did Johnny Weir deserve a medal?

limelife 9 years ago

Anja Paerson's Crash

The women's downhill course was a nasty one yesterday - nothing but ice, very technical turns, giant bumps. Of the racers to fall victim to one of the final turns, Sweden's Anja Paerson was by far the most frightening and shocking. More photos can be found here.

Sam Kujawski 9 years ago

Creepy Sibling Ice-Dancing Pairs

4 of the 23 ice-dancing teams competing in Vancouver are brother and sister pairs. Who have to tango together. Ew.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

Evan Lysacek's Coach: The Man With One Expression

Frank Carroll, Evan's coach, was overjoyed following Evan's heroic/amazing/nearly flawless performance. The man could not stop smiling! via.

Matt Stopera 9 years ago Vs. NBC

Meet Jake Zamansky, skier and American hero, whose tweets are automatically published to NBC's Olympics site.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

F*ck Yeah, Team USA Women's Curling!

The US women's curling team doesn't get enough love, so I made them this tribute video.

Matt Stopera 9 years ago

Email The Jackass In Charge Of NBC's Olympics Coverage

Deadspin has the email address of Dick Ebersol, the NBC sports director who is keeping you from watching skiing live or on the internet.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

The Official Bob Costas Aging Timeline

It's been a while! (For both aging timelines and Bob.) Let's take a trip back to the 80s.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

Olympics Fashion Winner: The Norwegian Men's Curling Team

Team Norway spices things up with these amazing argyle pants at the Olympics curling event.

minjae 9 years ago

Olympic Torch Malfunction

So Wayne Gretzky was of course the final torchbearer, but one of the four cauldron posts broke in the middle of the ceremony. Wayne's face was priceless. (Sorry, NBC has a stranglehold on the video.)

I Love The Olympics!!! 9 years ago

Colbert Takes Vancouver (Shepard Fairey Style)

Last night, Stephen Colbert revealed his official poster for the Vancouver Olympics, created by Shepard Fairey.

Shawn M. Smith 9 years ago

The 2010 Opening Ceremonies Drinking Game

Quick! The Vancouver Opening Ceremonies just started!!!! Prepare your adult beverages.

Amanda Dobbins 9 years ago

Animal Winter Olympics

If snowboarding dogs aren't included in the Opening Ceremonies, Vancouver's not doing its job.

I Love The Olympics!!! 9 years ago

Scott Hamilton's 5 Favorite Figure Skating Falls

Bob Costas On Ice picks the most memorable faceplants in Olympic history.

I Love The Olympics!!! 9 years ago