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Nine Misconceptions Of Working With Musicians

Have you ever wondered what musicians are really like?

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1. It's not always about partying.

A lot of the time, bands that are on tour or are playing shows are over the partying aspect of touring. Traveling that much takes a lot out of you and a lot of the time band members just want to catch up on their sleep. That's not to say that all bands don't party, but a lot of the time they simply don't have time.

2. They aren't all conceited.

Many people think of band members as huge celebrities that think of themselves that way too. A lot of people in bands are just normal people who never expected to get as big as they eventually did. People in bands just want to have as much of a normal life as possible while living their dream.

3. You don't always get to meet the big names.

When working with big name artists you don't always get to meet you who want to. You will more often speak to someone's manager or sometimes even assistant to the manager before you speak to the actual artist. In order to keep the band's privacy someone else will take care of setting up concerts, interviews, or anything that needs to be done.

4. You have to spend a lot of money on them, even thought they're the ones making the money.

Even though it doesn’t really make sense, when a band comes to work with your group, you have to make sure you get them everything. That means taking them out to dinner, showing them around town, buying things on their rider, and basically doing anything the band would want to do. Often times this can lead to this band continuing to work with your group or a relationship forming between the band’s management and the group they are working with.

5. They don't always have time for the fans.

Just like the bands don’t always have time to party, or do things they want to do, they don’t have time to meet with their fans. This tends to upset a lot of people because they want to meet these people but a lot of times immediately after a band plays a show in one town, they leave to go to another town.

6. They won't always want to play where they are.

Another thing that comes with going on tour, or having a manager control the band’s shows is having to travel to places the band doesn’t always want to go. Even though during the show they may seem like they’re having fun, a lot of times bands would rather be playing somewhere else. Once they are off stage, the energy and excitement that they just have is gone.

7. They don't all drink and do drugs.

A huge stereotype of musicians is that they all are constantly on drugs or are drunk. This is often false, a lot of musicians go on tour with family or are looked over by their management so they can’t do drugs or drink too much.

8. They aren't all promiscuous and looking for hook ups.

People often think of celebrities as people who constantly are looking to hook up with people. Sometimes this does happen, but a lot of the time band members are on tour with their significant others.

9. They aren't all liberal.

Most of the time people have an idea of musicians being liberal because of the lifestyle they live. This can often be true because of the things that musicians have to change as they go on the road with their music, but a lot of times musicians are not liberal. Most artists in country music are conservative. And other genres of music have conservative people throughout it. Even though you will usually come across liberal musicians there are always people who do not fall in the stereotypes.

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