Why You’ll Never Really Get Over Monica And Chandler

There’s no on-again, off-again stuff with these two.

1. Monica and Chandler’s relationship was built on a great foundation: friendship.

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2. Before they were a couple, they really helped each other out.

Monica taught Chandler about the erogenous zones.

She also tried to help him lose weight.

And Chandler was there to comfort Monica.

On more than one occasion.

6. And even back when they were just friends, they were pretty comfortable together.

8. In the pre-Mondler era, Monica and Chandler both had some rough dating experiences…

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Three words: Dr. Richard Burke.

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One word: Janice.

10. …which made the fact that they found sincere love even more heartwarming.

11. Their first hookup in London was EVERYTHING.

At first, we just saw the awkward morning after.

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It wasn’t until Season 7 that we got the full story, but it was worth the wait.

These facial expressions were one of the best parts.

14. And the way they interacted right when they got back from London was beyond adorable.

“You know, that night meant a lot to me too, and it wasn’t because I was in a bad place or anything. It just meant a lot to me ‘cause…you’re really hot. Is that OK?” A+, Chandler. A+.

16. And when Chandler asked this question, you knew this was the beginning of something good:

17. All of their attempts to hide their relationship were so precious.


18. In fact, watching the start of their relationship, when they had to sneak around, was the best.


19. When they told Joey what was going on and gave each other this look, you were positive this was the real deal:

20. And when they finally admitted things in front of Joey, Phoebe, and Rachel, you could actually FEEL the love.

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21. (Same with the time Chandler asked Monica about living together.)

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22. They had kind of a rocky past.

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Chandler called Monica fat.

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Monica tried to seduce Chandler so that she could humiliate him, but that didn’t end so well for either of them, or for Chandler’s toe.

24. But they overcame it in a way that was just so them.

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25. This was a healthy relationship too: Monica wasn’t afraid to call Chandler out when he was being way too boastful.

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26. And Chandler was finally able to overcome his commitment phobia.

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28. They loved each other in a totally genuine way.

30. And their personalities worked really well together.

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Chandler brought the humor.

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Monica brought the love for organization and cleanliness.

32. The fact they ended up together made going back and watching moments like these even better:

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34. The proposal was hands down one of the best moments in the entire series.

First Monica drops a knee…

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But then Chandler takes over and his words just make you well up.

36. And the wedding made you feel all the things.

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39. Even in the alternate reality of “The One That Could Have Been Part 2,” they got together.

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If a fictional relationship can transcend fictional reality, it’s definitely on point.

40. They were willing to do anything for each other.

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Like watch shark porn.

Or give piggyback rides because of painful boots.

42. Throughout the series, there were so many little moments of Monica-Chandler cuteness.

All of which made you feel like these two were simply meant to be.

44. Their relationship was so strong that the challenges they faced only brought them closer together.

46. And when they finally became parents, you had 100% confidence that they would be amazing at it.

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47. These two weren’t perfect, and they definitely had their moments…

Fighting over what to do with the guest room, the incident with the mixtape, and more come to mind.

48. But you never doubted for a moment that they were perfect for each other.

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Even when Chandler completely botched his proposal scheme. Or when he disappeared the day of the wedding.

49. And when you think about what Friends would be like now, you firmly believe Monica and Chandler’s marriage has lasted.

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50. Because they are one hell of an awesome couple.

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