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How Well Do You Know "You've Got Mail?"

Don't cry, Shopgirl. Don't cry.

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  1. In which chat room do Joe Fox and Kathleen Kelly "meet?"

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    Over 30
    Book Lovers
    New York Lovers
  2. Fill in the blanks of Kathleen's email: "Once I read a story about a _________ in the subway and today I saw one. It got on at 42nd and off at 59th, where I assume it was going to __________ to buy a _________."

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    butterfly, Bloomingdale's, hat
    butterfly, Macy's, scarf
    ladybug, Bloomingdale's, scarf
  3. Fill in the blank of Joe's email: "We should meet, and we will meet. But I'm in the middle of a project that needs __________."

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  4. How old was Kathleen when she started helping her mother in the store?

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  5. Where in NYC are The Shop Around the Corner and Fox Books located?

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    Upper West Side
    Upper East Side
    Greenwich Village
  6. What is Kathleen's favorite flower, which she terms "the friendliest flower"?

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  7. Patricia sleeps with the help of which over-the-counter drug?

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    Sleep Easy
    Ultra Dorm
    E-Z Dose
  8. Kathleen thinks of a song by which singer as she's decorating her Christmas tree?

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  9. Birdie allegedly fell in love with the ruler of which country?

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  10. Patricia terms Frank "the greatest living expert" on which historical figures?

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    The Roosevelts
    The Kennedys
    The Rosenbergs
  11. Who is the first one to suggest that they meet IRL — Joe or Kathleen?

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    Warner Bros. / Via
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  12. At this first meeting, Kathleen brings a flower and which book?

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    "Pride and Prejudice"
    "Sense and Sensibility"
  13. How are Annabelle and Matthew related to Joe?

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    Annabelle is his aunt and Matthew is his brother
    Annabelle is his sister and Matthew is his nephew
    Annabelle is his aunt and Matthew is his nephew
  14. Kathleen gets peeved when she sees Joe loading up his plate at a party with which food?

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  15. What is the name of the cashier whom Joe convinces to run Kathleen's credit card, despite the fact that she's in a cash-only line?

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  16. Joe and Kathleen take turns guessing what the "152" means in Joe's email, NY152. Which is NOT one of the possibilities they suggest?

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    152 people who thinks he looks like Clark Gable
    152 stitches from his nose job
    The number of souvenir shot glasses he's collected from his travels
    The number of Italian dishes he knows how to make
    152 felony indictments
    152 people who thinks he looks like a Clark Bar
  17. What song is playing in the final scene, where Joe and Kathleen meet in Riverside Park?

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    "Over the Rainbow"
    "Both Sides, Now"
    "You Made Me Love You"

How Well Do You Know "You've Got Mail?"

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