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    52 One-Liners "Seinfeld" Fans Still Use On The Regular

    Sweet Fancy Moses.

    1. When you're really peeved and trying to calm down:

    2. If somebody says that it feels like a Tuesday:

    3. Before you eat soup:

    4. Also this:

    5. When you're out and see someone's dance moves that can best be described as "godawful":

    6. When you feel out of touch with the latest trends:

    7. When you encounter a male idiot:

    8. When there's a wait at a restaurant and you're starving:

    9. If you're really freaking hungry:

    10. If there's not anything wrong with that:

    11. When you're speechless:

    12. Every single time you play tennis:

    13. If a friend smugly drops a high-sounding vocab word:

    14. And when your friend asks you to go to a social gathering you have no interest in attending:

    15. If someone makes fun of what you're reading:

    16. If someone says something that blows you away:

    17. When you tear up unexpectedly:

    18. If people from your separate and distinct social circles start hanging out together:

    19. Anytime you see a Jesus fish on a car:

    20. When someone has some really amazing talent and you pale in comparison:

    21. Every single time you pass an Arby's:

    22. For low talkers:

    23. For close talkers:

    24. For girls about guys:

    25. For guys (or girls) about girls:

    26. When you think it's best to skip over some details of a story you're telling:

    27. If you see PDA, this Newman gem runs through your mind:

    28. And when someone won't stop talking about the gym or their workouts, this is what you're saying in your head:

    29. When someone talks about the dream they had last night, you honestly think of responding with this:

    30. When people are talking about guys' bodies:

    31. If you're being honest about your passions:

    32. What you use to justify lying:

    33. When you eat spicy chicken:

    34. When you eat shrimp:

    35. Anytime you eat potatoes or cook potatoes:

    36. When you eat salad:

    37. When you eat pretzels, see someone else eating pretzels, or see anything involving pretzels:

    38. When someone suggests that you confront another person:

    39. If someone refuses to show you a little common courtesy, this is going on in your head:

    40. When people ask why you're single:

    41. If you're told that you're insane:

    42. If you're in a crowded public place, you're thinking this:

    43. And if someone's a jerk, you may not say this, but you're definitely thinking it:

    44. If an apology is BS, you'd love to pull a George:

    45. When something goes extremely wrong:

    46. Anytime you hear the word "unprecedented":

    47. When your friend asks what you did all day at work:

    48. When people are talking about babies:

    49. When you catch yourself in the mirror looking rough:

    50. When you get mad, you cite George:

    51. Before you take that first sip:

    52. And this:

    And MANY, MANY, MANY more that you take great pride in using on a regular basis.

    So a round of applause to all of us speaking in Seinfeld-isms.

    25 years later and the show is still gold.