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42 Times "Law And Order: SVU" Perfected The Art Of Sass

Some classic cases of fierceness in the first degree.

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1. When Elliot shut down this man real quick.

2. When Fin put this young man in his place.

3. When Cassidy knew just how to answer Amaro's question.

4. When Olivia got creative with insults.

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5. When Elliot wasn't a fan.

6. When Liv cleared up any misconceptions around the word "subpoena."

7. When Munch wasn't in the mood for a psych eval.

8. When the learning curve was pretty big for Fin.

9. When Elliot had a very important statement to make.

10. When Fin proved why he was a better partner for Olivia.

Unresolved sexual tension makes this show go 'round.

11. When Liv dropped this gem of a one-liner.

12. When Alex Cabot brought sass to the courtroom, Part I.

13. When Alex Cabot brought sass to the courtroom, Part II.

14. When Liv wore the pants in this partnership.

15. When Dr. Melinda Warner was not about to have her judgement questioned.

Hey, she speaks for the dead.

16. When Captain Cragen was a real whippersnapper.

17. When Jeffries called Munch out.

18. When Rita Calhoun suggested a more low-key approach.

19. When Alex discerned this lawyer's true motives.

20. When Alex had enough of this guy.

21. When Dr. Warner had sass even after getting shot.

22. When Munch was a fan of brevity.

23. When Alex wasn't asking for much.

24. When Judge Moredock just needed some time to think.

25. When Liv liked this man's name.

26. When Judge Donnelly gave some great advice.

27. When Liv knew how to calm these boys down.

28. When Elliot wasn't a fan of Babs Duffy.

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29. When Babs gave the sass right back.

30. When Munch had bigger plans in mind.

31. When Alex wasn't feeling it.

32. When Fin wasn't about to trust Chester Lake's gut for a second.

33. When Munch corrected this woman.

34. When Fin wasn't fucking around.

35. When Rollins was skeptical of marriage.

36. When dating was difficult for Munch.

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37. When Liv wasn't afraid of this man.

38. When Fin didn't like what he was looking at.

39. When Cragen gave this man a helpful suggestion.

40. When Casey didn't need Olivia's help.

41. When Lieutenant Murphy showed some understanding for this director.

42. And when Elliot understood how difficult math could be.

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