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25 Reasons Lucille Bluth Is The Best Mom Ever

"Where's the juice? GIVE MY SON THE JUICE!"

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1. She evidences great concern for her children's well-being.

2. She knows exactly how to reassure her children in the midst of difficult times.

3. She's aware of her boundaries.


4. She's always willing to offer up her motherly services.

5. And is very accepting when given suggestions.

6. She's a more caring than most moms.


9. And refuses to answer the unimportant ones.

10. She recognizes and praises the intelligence of her kin.


12. She is calm and collected in times of crisis.

13. And is skilled at improvising in a pinch.

14. She's nurturing when necessary.

15. She's always had a very classic method of raising her children in real-world situations.


17. She makes everyone around her feel at ease and taken care of.


21. She's made big sacrifices for her children.

22. And she will not let anyone use them as pawns without retaining the upper hand.


25. And most importantly, she loves all of her children equally.

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