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    33 Jokes Only "Arrested Development" Fans Will Appreciate

    Uptown Fünke.

    1. "I'll leave when I'm good and ready."

    2. This perfect take on the Spike Jonze original.

    3. And this film that so clearly ripped off an original.

    4. This book that is finally getting the classic treatment it deserves.

    5. Also this literary classic.

    6. This way to prevent people from eating your food.

    7. The name of this Wi-Fi network that probably raised a few questions.

    8. This captcha...and the appropriate reaction GIF.

    9. This literal depiction of Gene's last name.

    10. These high-quality Netflix suggestions.

    11. "Have you told your girlfriend Bland…I mean, Ann?"

    12. These wonderful lock and background screens.

    13. The fact that there was clearly a Lindsay Bluth fan working on Frozen:

    14. And the fact that Lucille's disdain fits in so well here.

    15. This person, who ACTUALLY EXISTS.

    16. This accurate portrayal of your romantic incompetence.

    17. "We have unlimited juice? This party is going to be..."

    18. This homage to the great Queen Lucille.

    19. This genius Arrested Development-Lord of the Rings crossover.

    20. The origin of this Oscar-winning film.

    21. This correction.

    22. 100% accurate.

    23. Same.

    24. This never-nude sighting.

    There are dozens of them.

    25. ♪ If you live at home with your mama. Oh yes son, I'm talking to you. ♪

    26. The evolution of the chicken.

    27. And the evolution of the slut T-shirt.

    "And Dad finally paid attention to my intellect."

    28. These Annyong rings.

    29. This painting, which bears an uncanny resemblance to a George Michael-Maeby child.

    30. The significance of this.

    31. This glimpse of life imitating art.

    32. And once again.

    33. And finally, ♪ Say my name, you know who I am. ♪