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    29 Reasons "Troop Beverly Hills" Is A Cinematic Masterpiece

    It's khaki wishes and cookie dreams.

    1. First and most importantly, this movie gave us a true iconic queen in the form of Phyllis Nefler.

    2. Shelley Long slays as this hilarious, fashion-forward, unapologetic, and savvy woman. To watch her in this movie is to watch a comedic master at work.

    3. It also stars a wonderful and young Jenny Lewis...

    ...and a baby Carla Gugino!

    4. This film asked the important questions.

    5. It also taught us valuable lessons about preparedness... service...

    ...the significance of self-reinvention...

    ...and the power of negotiation.

    6. It also taught you how to do the Freddie.

    7. Two words: the fashion.

    Phyllis Nefler's looks are the stuff of legend, pure and simple.

    I mean, look at this.

    And THIS.

    8. Seeking the familiar, wistful comfort of nostalgia? Here, behold these leotards and spandex.

    9. But it wasn't just fashion Phyllis had to offer. She also showed us many things we still remember to this day. For example, in times of crisis, there are two things you can always turn to: one, Evian...

    ...and two, legal recourse.

    10. She also highlighted the importance of bringing new ideas to the table...

    ...and helping others in times of need.

    "Don't worry, silicone is buoyant."

    11. When you watch this film now, it's still as wonderful as ever, in part because it offers something for all ages. As a kid, you wished you had a troop leader that was as cool as Phyllis...

    ...and as an adult, you definitely wish you had her shopping budget.

    12. The kids in this movie are also fantastic. They're wise beyond their years.

    13. Not to mention straight up fierce.

    14. This film is hilarious as hell.

    15. And it always will be.

    16. Also, the subtle details elevate it from simply witty to brilliant.

    Age: not applicable. Marital status: shaky.

    17. It is relatable in many ways.

    18. Many many ways.

    19. This is one of the most iconic scenes of all time.


    20. You know you wanted this backpack.

    21. You were definitely envious of those patches.

    22. And you know you still remember this glorious jam.

    23. And the quotes. Oh, the quotes.

    24. This film showed you that while life can sometimes be rough...

    ...and filled with battles against the unpredictable and tempestuous forces of nature...

    ...stepping out of your comfort zone can be a good thing, and it's a darn good way to expand your repertoire.

    25. In fact, watching Phyllis evolve from this... a leader who brings Troop 332 to victory in the Wilderness Girls Jamboree (all the while retaining her sense of self, independence, and individuality) gave us immense joy.

    26. And let's be real: so did rooting against Velda Plendor.

    27. Now, the mark of a cinematic masterpiece? When a movie stands the test of time and remains relevant, it is exactly that. This movie accomplishes both of those things, as seen here.

    28. And here.

    29. And don't forget: Troop Beverly Hills gave you the only question you need to go forward and brave the wilderness of life: "What Would Phyllis Nefler do?"