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    Sep 29, 2014

    26 Problems Only "AHS: Coven" Witches Understand

    The Seven Wonders, amirite.

    1. Fatalities, c/o your vagina.

    2. When you attract creepy butlers, but it's not your fault people are like, in love with you or something.

    FX / Via

    Though, *technically* this dramatic act did turn out very well...for at least one person.

    3. The overwhelming anticipation of discovering who exactly is the next Supreme.

    FX / Via

    Not u, girl.

    FX / Via

    Not u either.

    FX / Via

    It's u! Jk not really.

    4. When you're alive one minute and then being rolled up in a rug the next...

    5. ...and then when bitches come back from the dead:

    6. When you came out to have a good time and are honestly feeling so attacked right now.

    FX / Via

    7. When a fellow witch kills your bb.

    8. And then you have to, like, piece together that boy with a sack of body parts.

    9. When you want to sell your soul but turns out, you can't.

    FX / Via

    10. When your own kind burns you at the stake...

    11. ...and then you come back but ultimately have to be burned AGAIN (you know, for the greater good).

    12. Living your life thinking you're just an ordinary witch, but then discovering you're actually so much more.

    13. When tragedy strikes during The Seven Wonders.

    FX / Via

    RIP Misty Day. <3 you, girl.

    14. And when you think you're the Supreme but then the Seven Wonders are like, "Jk, jk."

    Divination: it’s not for everyone.

    15. When people are so ~ugh~ you need to take matters into your own hands.


    GTFO, basically.

    16. Mother-daughter tension when you both have ~PoWeRs.~

    17. When you gave the witch hunter one job:

    18. And when you marry said philandering witch hunter.

    FX / Via

    ~Oops.~ Delia, you done fucked up.

    19. Constantly having to put fellow witches in their place.


    Will they ever learn?

    20. Omg these bitches.

    21. When you stab your own eyes out to try to get your powers back and save the Coven, but #nope.

    FX / Via

    No dice, Delia.

    22. When basics give you attitude because they don't realize that they are no match for you or your mind control.

    FX / Via

    And she’ll turn your brain to scrambled eggs if she has to.

    23. Think you can have a friendly lil game of transmutation?

    Think again.

    FX / Via

    Can anyone have a good time on this show, ever?

    24. When you have to kill your mom.

    25. When you fail at killing your mom.

    26. And being forced to spend eternity in your own personal hell with bad fucking home decor.

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