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21 Times The Women Of Shondaland Brilliantly Dropped The Feminist Mic

"Oh screw beautiful. I'm brilliant. If you want to appease me, compliment my brain."

1. When Cristina gave Meredith this important and empowering reminder:

2. When she followed up Burke's statement with this question:

3. When she told Owen what a meaningful compliment sounds like:

4. And when she wanted to be more than pretty:

5. When Izzie checked people's assumptions about who she was real quick:

6. When Cristina was all about ovaries before insults from brovaries:

7. When Callie said that we should say the word "vagina" more often:

That quote from Ellen Pompeo about Shonda? GOLD.

8. And said this about bisexuality:

9. When Mellie spoke the truth about double standards:

10. When she made this incisive prediction:

11. And when she said this to Fitz about equal pay:

12. When Josie Marcus gave us one of the best speeches about sexism and gender stereotypes that Scandal has ever seen:

13. When Olivia said this about the words used to describe women:

14. And when she would not stand for empty words:

15. When Olivia self-identified as a feminist, causing us all to stand up and say, "Hell yes."

16. When "Who run the world? Girls" never felt more real:

17. When Bitsy Cooper accomplished a lot of amazing things on an international scale but knew this is how she would be remembered:

18. When Michaela Pratt's self-love and self-worth had absolutely nothing to do with a man:

19. When Abby was amazing at her job and OWNED it.

20. And when she explained that there IS a difference:

21. And when Shondaland reminded us that sometimes this just ain't happening:

...and that is 100% ok.