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21 Signs You Were Addicted To AIM While Growing Up

~class. practice. homework. LeAvE OnE.~

1. For starters, this Sign On screen makes you feel all sorts of nostalgic.

2. You had a string of what in retrospect were highly regrettable and ridiculous screen names.

3. As did the majority of people on your Buddy List.

4. Your Away Messages were basically an outlet for your emotions.

Sometimes it expressed your feelings on a crisis of middle-school or high-school proportions.

Sometimes it was a quote that just spoke to you.

Sometimes it was something to let people know how *omg SO p0puLaR* you were.

And sometimes it was a song lyric that perfectly captured your angst/joy/sadness/confusion/etc.

5. You mastered the art of *~tYpInG in wEiRd sTyLeS// <3~*

6. When you were bored or just needed a good laugh, you knew that there was one thing you could turn to: SmarterChild.

7. Your Buddy Profile game was strong at the time...

8. But if you could see now the stuff you included in it, you would be pretty embarrassed.

(Hands up if your profile was a list of insiders with your fRiEndZZZ.)

9. You thought buddy icons were basically the best thing.

10. You knew that AIM had its own language, and you mastered that language.

11. And thanks to AIM, you perfected the art of abbrevs.

12. These were the sounds of your youth, and you'll remember them forever.

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13. AIM was your go-to means of procrastinating.

14. And it was totally worth it when you got to talk with your crush.

15. And speaking of AIM and flirting, you knew the struggle of seeing your crush sign on and *hoping* that person would IM you.

16. You may have even asked someone out (or been asked out by somebody) on AIM.

17. You think the @YourAwayMessage Twitter account is one of the most on-point things you've ever seen.

I don&#39;t even know what my senior quote will be but it needs to be like cool and original so maybe a DMB lyric??????

beer is proof god loves us and wants to be happy. ^^^^ive only had a few beers in life but this is so true

18. And as much as you'd like to admit you never did this, you totally did.

19. When shit got real, you may have printed out your IMs so that you could analyze them with your BFFs.

20. And if you're super old school, you can remember your parents yelling at you to get off the computer because while you were chatting it up, you were tying up the damn phone line.

21. And while now we have Gchat and Facebook chat...

You know that nothing will ever compare to AIM. Nothing.

The one thing we know to be true: AIM ~/ 4 *LyFE* /~