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    16 Reasons Jeanie Bueller Is Seriously Underrated

    Who's the best character from Ferris Bueller's Day Off? If you say Ferris Bueller, you lose a testicle.

    1. She gives really great suggestions.

    2. Her '80s style is on point.

    3. She has sass for days.

    4. She knows how to defend herself in an unexpected, frightening situation.

    5. She doesn't have time for small talk.

    6. She delivers one of the greatest lines in the movie.

    7. She summarizes how we've all felt about our families at some point.

    8. She also articulates how we've all felt about a sibling at one time.

    9. She's very protective of her body.

    10. She knows how not to ruin a good thing.

    11. Her facial expressions are excellent.

    12. She doesn't get intimidated by guys.

    13. She tries her best to deter home intruders.

    14. She asks the right questions.

    15. She leaves Ed Rooney to the dog (literally).

    16. Even though in a nutshell, she hates her brother, she's not above helping him out.