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Here Is Why Everybody Needs To Be Watching "Supergirl" Right Now

Sometimes, the greatest hero is within us

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The world can feel like a very scary place right now,

...and literally everyone knows it. No matter where you live or who you are, we are all struggling in one way or another. I, myself, am trying to get through the mourning that haunts me after my uncle passed from cancer. So when I began searching Netflix for a new show that could lift my spirits and make me laugh again, I was surprised to find "Supergirl" in my recommended list. I normally opt for comedies such as "The Office" or "Parks and Recreation"- they are two of my most favorite shows. So you can imagine my surprise when a sci-fi type show popped up. I decided to give it a try, because I figured anything could help me at this point. What I didn't realize was that this show fought against all of the "bad guys" in this world in the most discreet way possible-by making them Supergirl's enemies. Whether it's a woman's fight against the patriarchy, someone coping with a loss, or trying to defeat any bully, Supergirl's fights can feel so personal, and like you are fighting them alongside her. Supergirl's alternate identity, Kara Danvers, faces issues with her gender everyday. Supergirl's planet exploded, leading to her losing her parents and being sent to Earth. We can only sympathize with her, since we can almost understand her battles. She also had to fight against those who wanted her dead, which thankfully isn't the case for most of us, but when people target and threaten you, it is scary. Supergirl is like us in so many ways, yet watching the show, I looked up to her. When she would battle aliens or humans and win basically every time, despite the fact that many of them were men, I felt empowered, like I could do anything. I may not have superpowers, but my quick wit, strength, and intelligence can be used to defend myself. "Supergirl" is a TV show that I personally feel has some of the strongest female roles in all cinematic history. There is a strong businesswoman whose single glance could kill, a daring FBI agent who would do anything to protect those she loves, and even a woman president who gained the utmost respect from everyone in the show. Clearly, that is not the case for women today, but watching that show makes me feel like anything is possible, which is probably how men feel after watching any movie or show where a man is the hero. In the show, there are some love issues, including someone who is LGBTQ-which adds more equality and strength to the show, yet Supergirl shows again and again that she doesn't need any man to save her. In fact, it's normally her who can defend those, including men, that need some help defending themselves. Supergirl is Superman's cousin in the plot, yet there were many villains that Supergirl defeated and Superman couldn't. She is certainly more then 'just a pretty face' like many women are described as, she is a feminist icon. Supergirl is the strongest, most inspiring female lead I have ever seen, and watching her helped me battle my anxiety and feeling of loss by replacing the hole in my heart with hope. Hope that one day this show could be more reflective of real life. Hope that any woman or man could make an equal difference. And most of all, hope that no matter what, we can always fight our battles day by day just knowing that we, humanity, are stronger then it all.

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